About Us

Balance the Grind is a work-life balance publication built on conversations, ideas and community. We’re on a mission to showcase healthy work-life balance through interesting stories from people all over the world, in different careers and lifestyles.

We publish conversations with people from different careers and lifestyles; from startup founders to CEOs, entrepreneurs to independent musicians, designers to software developers, and plenty more.

Building a community…

Many young working professionals come to a point where they feel disillusioned by their place in the world. We believe this is due, at least in part, to the stories they have been raised on selling them toxic versions of “success.”

Balance the Grind is proud to be building a community to support young professionals and help them rewrite the stories they tell themselves about success and inspire them to enjoy the fulfilment they’ve been searching for in their day-to-day life.

The Balance the Grind team

Steve Grace, CEO & Publisher

“We need to be able to build our lives around what we are doing at that time. There are no hard rules, we live a very fluid existence and work needs to be fluid around that too.”

Hao Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief

“Work-life balance, work-life integration, work-life harmony; whatever you want to call it, I think that work should be, for the most part, calm, healthy and sustainable over the long-term.”

Lauren Kress, Head of Strategic Partnerships

“You know what? I don’t even see it as work-life balance anymore, I just see it as life balance. I think about everything I do, work or otherwise, in terms of whether or not it aligns with my values, my interests, my needs and the vision I have for my life. My overall goal for each day is to wake up and look forward to it.”