About Us

Balance the Grind is a work-life balance publication built on conversations, ideas and community. We’re on a mission to showcase healthy work-life balance through interesting stories from people all over the world, in different careers and lifestyles.

We publish conversations with people from different careers and lifestyles; from startup founders to CEOs, entrepreneurs to independent musicians, designers to software developers, and plenty more.

Work-life balance, work-life integration, work-life harmony; whatever you want to call it, Balance the Grind believes that work should (mostly) be calm, healthy and sustainable over the long-term.

We admire companies like Basecamp, Buffer and Automattic, hold their workplace culture in high regard and believe that if other companies took a page or two out of their notebooks, their employees would all see a drastic improvement in the workplace.

Balance The Grind provides me with a platform to do what I love: talking to people about how they’re striving to achieve their ideal lifestyle and balance. I’m inspired by their passion, the work ethic, the mindset; and these conversations motivate me to live life the way I want to live it.