Service: Life & Career Coaching programs and online courses

About Purposeek: At Purposeek we believe that everyone can find their purpose and live a happy and fulfilled life. Our mission is to empower you to find your own version of a happy and successful life.”

Our founder, Myriem Slater, has used her extensive design thinking experience and skills, as well as her thorough research in positive mindset and personal development, to create Purposeek, an innovative and unique method, designed to help you find your inner purpose, and your true career path through an introspective and collaborative journey.

Our professional training programs and online courses are powered by the combination of a best-in-class design approach, valuable insights and tools, and mindfulness activities, to help maximize your learning experience in a fun and safe environment.

Take the first step towards finding purpose at work and in your life by registering to our Purposeek program or online courses. Why wait any longer to bring meaning to your life!