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The Decision

So, my third Kevin Hart book, and I am happy to say that I am not sick of him or his books; they all add something different. I’ve not read them in the order they were published; I started with Monsters and How to Tame Them first, then I Can’t Make This Up, and now The Decision. And when I say read, I actually listened to all of them, as he narrates them. Not only does this really add more ‘Kevin’ to the book, but it also means you really get to hear what the author was thinking when writing them.

Hart’s last book focused heavily on his life and how he overcame his challenges. This book, however, is far more practical. It’s essentially about calling you out as a person, challenging you with the idea that you say you want to change your life, but questioning whether you are truly prepared to do what is required to actually make that change. 

Now, a lot of books ask this question, then they go on with a whole bunch of things you need to do, but what sets this one apart is its simplicity. The way he uses humour to help you relate to a problem and then shares how he tackled these issues really hits home. 

Many books offer dry advice that fails to inspire action, presenting solutions we already know but haven’t implemented. Well, Kevin turns these narratives into fun, making you laugh while making you ponder why you haven’t done the things you know you need to do. I have found in all his books, he has a way of making things sound so obvious you almost feel embarrassed for not having implemented them.

The topics covered range from jealousy and perfectionism to comparing yourself, fear, self-doubt, and judgement, and that’s just the first section. Once he breaks these down in a way you can easily remember, the book shifts to offer more advice on the positive actions you can take to move forward. It lays out simple, real-life steps that can make a difference and provides easy ways to integrate them into your daily life, rather than merely suggesting that you need to do them. You then really dive into the mental aspects, exploring what you can do to give yourself the best chance of implementing these positive actions, including adjustments to your environment, diet, etc. Lastly, it addresses how to cope when everything goes totally and completely wrong, which it inevitably will, and how to get through it.

I found this book, out of the three, to have the most practical advice, and it’s probably one you’ll return to, listening again to certain chapters. And again, the humour not only makes it digestible and enjoyable to listen to but also, more importantly, makes it easy to remember and reference at a later date. Another cracking book.

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Steve Grace is the CEO & Founder of The Nudge Group; the Co-Founder of TNG Media; CEO of Balance the Grind; and the Creator and Host of the Give It A Nudge video podcast.