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The Health Habit: Shape Up, Sleep Better, Feel Amazing

The Health Habit by Dr. Amantha Imber stands out in the crowded field of wellness books by offering practical, science-backed advice for improving health in a sustainable way. Dr. Imber, an organisational psychologist, combines her professional expertise with personal experiences, including overcoming her sugar addiction and achieving better sleep patterns. This mix of personal narrative and expert insights makes the book relatable and credible.

What’s particularly appealing about The Health Habit is its customised approach. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, it focuses on identifying and overcoming personal barriers to better health. The book is filled with actionable tips from renowned health experts and the latest research, all presented in an engaging and straightforward manner.

The inclusion of behavioural science to ensure these health changes are long-lasting is a unique aspect of the book. It’s not just about what changes to make, but also how to make them stick. This approach makes The Health Habit a valuable resource for anyone looking to make lasting improvements to their health, whether it’s in diet, fitness, or sleep.

Overall, The Health Habit is a refreshing take on health and wellness, offering a blend of personal stories, expert advice, and practical steps that are both doable and effective. It’s a great read for anyone looking to improve their health habits in a realistic and sustainable way.

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