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Ultimate Road Trips: Australia

Ultimate Road Trips Australia by Lee Atkinson is a straightforward and comprehensive guide perfect for those keen to explore Australia, be it for the young, the young at heart, or those just looking for a short break.

Lee Atkinson does a great job laying out the various routes one can take, including lesser-known side tracks that promise unique experiences and are definitely worth the extra miles. Whether you’re planning coastal adventures, outback explorations, or driving on unsealed roads, this book has you covered. Practical tips like advice on towing campers, insights into the best travel seasons, and highlighted spots for resting, dining, and unwinding are sprinkled throughout.

The book is made even more user-friendly with its inclusion of detailed maps and vibrant photos, ensuring readers can easily plan their trips and get a preview of what’s in store for them.

To wrap it up, if you’re gearing up for some road adventures in Australia, either as a first-time traveler or a seasoned one, “Ultimate Road Trips Australia” is a worthy pick. It’s informative, easy to follow, and surely will enhance any trip you plan. Highly recommended.

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