Claudia Masina | Wellness & Stress Management Coach


Claudia Masina is a qualified practitioner trained by Australia’s leading institute in coaching for managing wellbeing and stress.

As an expert in implementing proven scientific techniques to promote positive behaviours, Claudia can help you manage stress and improve your wellbeing as well as provide effective career guidance.

​With her graduate studies in psychology and background in corporate HR, Claudia brings a unique perspective to wellness coaching by focusing on behaviours and habits.

She specialises in facilitating individuals to effectively manage stress with a focus on helping individuals to build resilience, limit the effects of stress and improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

Coaching services:

One to one phone based wellness coaching sessions: Sessions are focused on managing stress and improving wellbeing holistically. Sessions are designed to unpack obstacles and create achievable goals. Sessions are delivered by phone or Skype.

On-site group education sessions on stress management: These education sessions are designed to create a positive impact on understanding stress and providing practical tips on how to help and learn best behaviours to control stress. Sessions can be tailored to focus on specific areas as needed.

One to one phone based career guidance conversations: These sessions are designed to unpack confusion and anxiety about an individuals career and explore the best ways to move forward. These sessions will also be focused on diffusing built up stress in relation to stress around any aspect of corporate life.


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