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Carissa Moore’s Diet: Fueling a Surf Champion

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Carissa Moore, the American Olympic gold medalist and five-time World Surf League Champion, stands out not only for her surfing achievements but also for her pragmatic approach to nutrition. Her journey from a young surfer in Honolulu, Hawaii, to a world-renowned athlete has been marked by a balanced relationship with food, supporting both her professional and personal growth.

As Moore shared in an interview with Bon Appétit, “I think I’ve come a long way. I’ve struggled and felt overwhelmed by food at times. But I think I’ve gotten to a point where I can really enjoy food.” This statement reflects her journey towards a healthier relationship with eating, overcoming the challenges of binge eating and body image issues that she faced due to media stereotypes about the ideal surfer’s physique.

The champion surfer embraces a straightforward dietary philosophy: moderation is key. This approach has allowed her to maintain her athletic performance while also enjoying the culinary pleasures of life. She emphasises clean eating, but also acknowledges the importance of treating herself occasionally. As she noted in a Red Bull interview, “I like the way that healthy food makes me feel. But I do like a nice muffin or some chocolate.”

On competition days, Moore’s diet is targeted and functional. She relies on easily digestible and energising foods such as bananas, trail mix, and GoMacro MacroBars, with the banana and almond butter flavour being her favourite. “On comp days, bananas, trail mix, and GoMacro MacroBars—the banana and almond butter flavour is my favourite—are my go-to meals,” she stated in her Red Bull interview.

The surfing icon’s practical approach to nutrition is a testament to her understanding of balance and moderation in diet. Her story is not just about athletic discipline but also about finding a harmonious relationship with food. It’s a reminder that achieving success in sports like surfing doesn’t require extreme dietary measures but a sensible, enjoyable, and balanced approach to eating.

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