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Conor McGregor’s Diet: Inside the Eating Habits of a UFC Legend

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MMA superstar Conor McGregor, known for his flamboyant style and dominating presence in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), also maintains a rigorous and carefully planned diet that plays a crucial role in his athletic performance. The Dublin-born fighter’s approach to training and nutrition has evolved significantly over his career, especially following key fights that reshaped his perspective on preparation. 

In the early days of his career, the Irish champion was not a fan of strict routines. He preferred spontaneity in his training, believing in working out based on instinct rather than a fixed schedule. “I train when I feel like training. I operate on my own time,” he said in a 2015 interview with Men’s Journal. This approach, while unorthodox, proved effective in his initial UFC fights, where he secured victories in the first two rounds, including a record-breaking 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo.

However, the fight against Nate Diaz at UFC 196 marked a turning point. McGregor, who usually fought at 155 lbs, moved up to 170 lbs for this fight. The weight gain, which allowed him to eat more freely, led to overtraining and affected his stamina, as he admitted after the fight: “Leading up to Diaz, I was fucked up from overtraining.” This loss prompted the former UFC champion to reassess his training and diet regimen.

The Role of Diet in McGregor’s Routine

For the rematch against Diaz at UFC 202, McGregor adopted a more structured approach. According to Artem Lobov, one of his training partners, speaking to Sky Sports, this change brought about visible improvements. The Notoriousalso focused on enhancing his endurance through cardiovascular training and a more disciplined diet.

Whether in or out of training camp, the UFC superstar typically consumes clean foods, including quality proteins, fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water, while generally avoiding carbohydrates except for sweet potatoes and butternut squash. In an interview with Ask Men, he detailed his diet: “I eat good meat – chicken, salmon, some steak – and a lot of quality greens and some fruits like bananas. I eat eggs – an omelet with my Americano for a late breakfast or brunch.”

Preparing for UFC 257 against Dustin Poirier, McGregor returned to the 155 lbs weight class, involving a more stringent diet and training routine. His nutritionist, Tristin Kennedy, played a significant role in this phase, providing a daily meal plan that included protein-rich foods, complex carbs, and essential vitamins and nutrients. Kennedy outlined the fighter’s diet to ESPN: Breakfast typically included oats with eggs and sautéed green leafy vegetables, followed by a series of balanced meals and snacks throughout the day, culminating in a dinner of Irish lamb stew with potatoes.

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