Bendelta: Unlocking Human Potential

About: Bendelta is an Australian management consulting firm helping organisations, teams, and individuals reach their full potential. The company offers services in: leadership & capability development, organisation architecture, strategy, executive coaching, insights & analytics, culture change & capability.

Location: Australia, Europe, North America, Asia

Anthony Mitchell, Co-founder & Chief Potential Officer; Natalie Micarone (Archer), Co-founder & Director, Natalie Ferres, Director & Chief Connection Officer

Bendelta’s greatest strength: culture

Anyone who works here says that Bendelta’s greatest strength is the culture. It’s all about purpose, freedom, collaboration, care, quirkiness and fun. People often say it’s more like a family than a company.

The things people particularly note here are:

  • The lack of silos. Everyone is in it together
  • Generosity of spirit. People will always step in to help a colleague
  • The lack of rules and hierarchy. People can come up with an idea and run with it
  • The freedom to be yourself. People really show their whole self and it’s okay to be a bit zany

Work-life balance at Bendelta

We believe that everyone should have the chance to be their whole selves. That means that things such as family, personal relationships, health and individual passions (whether that’s world travel or stamp collecting) need pride of place.

Indeed, we strongly believe that high performance comes from NOT working all the time.

At the same time, we want people to grow to their full potential and be fully engaged in their life. Well-designed, work is one of the greatest sources of life meaning and engagement. We encourage people to strive at their work – not for the company’s financial benefit, but to stretch and develop.

Interdependent. By that, I mean a combination of high autonomy and high collaboration. People design their own approach but they don’t fly solo.

Anthony Mitchell on Bendelta’s working style

The Bendelta Code

Rather than a set of values, we have the Bendelta Code which we developed over a decade ago and which describes our DNA. Everyone in the company knows the 9 principles well – from ‘There are no rules’ to ‘We are here to make the world a better place’ and ‘We collaborate’.

These principles are seen in everything from our strategic decisions to day-to-day matters. Because ‘There are no rules’, people know that there isn’t – and never will be – any dress code, any clock-on-clock-off requirements, or any restrictions around flexible working.

Because of ‘We respect everyone as individuals’, people know that no hiring, pay or progression decision will ever be made on a basis of gender, race or any other prejudicial basis.

Employee Benefits

We have a set of ‘Bendelta Cultural Delights’. These include obvious elements (such as attractive parental leave) but also distinctively Bendelta elements.

Some nice examples are the extra days people get leave for every year (one for the last working day before Christmas, and another for Bendelta Day in July – a public holiday for anyone, as long as they work at Bendelta!) and free provision of wellbeing services such as financial planning and flu shots.

These are an expression of our DNA, not generic benefits. They speak to what we care most about – well-balanced, healthy lives.

Career Opportunities

Currently no open positions available.

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