Boody: Sustainable and Ethical Clothes

About: Boody is an Australian sustainable clothing brand that makes everyday basics. Created by two families, today their children continue their work. From women’s and men’s essentials to active, baby and loungewear, Boody has your entire wardrobe of basics covered.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Tight-knit family business: Boody culture

In the face of exceptional growth, Boody has managed to maintain the tight-knit culture we’ve had since day one. As a family business, we prioritise work-life balance and champion a diverse, inclusive environment where everyone has a say. Whether we’re collaborating on team projects or working autonomously at home, a fun and flat-structured culture is at the core of everything we do.

Work-life balance at Boody

We believe the key to a happy and successful business is achieving the perfect work-life balance. Our team shares a passionate and determined work ethic, always striving to innovate and achieve big things. But while kicking goals is important, kicking back is too. Spending time with family and friends is vital, as is nurturing our hobbies, health and wellbeing.

Boody supports remote working and flexible hours, as well as bringing in your dog from time to time (as long as our office mascot spoodle, Harper, approves). We’re forever organising work events to bring us even closer, from fitness classes to after-work cocktails.

Boody company values


We take a high-spirited approach to everything we do. We’re light-hearted, positive and always see the glass as half full. Above all, we strive to make Boody a great place to work and never forget to celebrate our achievements – both as individuals and as a wider team. Last but not least, we have fun and love what we do!


Our intrinsic caring nature means that we are forever looking out for one another, our community and the wider world. We go above and beyond when it comes to being compassionate and are always looking for ways to help. It’s our responsibility to have the best interests of both each other and the planet, and this permeates everything we do.


Our drive is what makes us consistently strive to do better and be better. We are growth-minded in all areas of the business. We are motivated to be our best and do our best at all times, which is highlighted through our dynamic and innovative approach to all aspects of our business.


Above all, we are considered and diligent in our approach. We think before we act. Everything we do comes out of being both creative and commercial. We never stop listening to each other and our community. This is how we constantly develop and better ourselves and the ‘feel good’ experience of Boody.

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