Commission Factory: Affiliate Marketing Australia

About: Commission Factory is the largest affiliate marketing network in Australia. They specialise in connecting affiliates, advertisers and agencies with brands and brands to customers. They’ve partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands, including, Pizza Hut and My Muscle Chef.

Location: Sydney, Australia.

Podcast: Flex Your Hustle

Commission Factory’s Company Culture 

The best way to describe the culture at Commission Factory is dynamic, encouraging and supportive. Diversity and inclusivity are at the core of who we are, and our employees help build our culture every day. We welcome everyone with open arms and encourage each member of our team to be their authentic selves.  

Our people-centric focus means that we’re always looking to support and provide an enjoyable workplace by continuously listening to our team’s needs, both professionally and personally. By putting our employees first, we foster a dedicated and passionate team environment where every individual can grow and achieve their goals.

Fun and energetic are the words that best describe life at Commission Factory. Our founders live and breathe a “work hard, play hard” culture and have always insisted on an open-door policy. Our positive culture is thanks to our leadership team, who are truly engaged with every team member, and they ensure regular social events run outside of the office. 

The Commission Factory team’s diversity enriches our work, and every member contributes to the company to ensure that we invest as much time in our team as we do our clients.  

Commission Factory’s Work-Life Balance

Commission Factory prides itself on providing a workplace that is flexible and promotes a positive work-life balance. Before the pandemic, we had been trialling remote work with early Friday finishes, which led to four and a half workday weeks. The result was an increase in performance, productivity and happier employees. 

In January, after the four and a half-day work week’s success, we started to pilot a four-day workweek with no reduction in salaries. The idea was to allow the team to unwind and rest during a tough year, especially as personal and workspaces merged into one. 

During the trial, we found a flexible and autonomous work environment that led to a more productive and energetic team. Flexibility is a crucial part of a progressive workplace and sustaining a healthy work-life balance; therefore, we now offer a four-day workweek with remote working available full-time, regardless of the situation. 

We know there is a life outside of work, and everyone has other commitments. Our Social Committee is here to listen to and understand the needs of our employees. They meet fortnightly to discuss new initiatives that can bring the team together, reward them for their excellent work, and create a fun workplace. 

Commission Factory’s Working Style

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, which means our working style must be agile and remain one step ahead of our clients’ needs. The company’s success comes down to a dynamic, collaborative, and supportive working style, where the team can come together to find a solution and share their knowledge. 

We also recently redesigned our office to provide a more collaborative space for the team and our clients, fully kitted out with a collab area for our partners to present, open meeting space, a media room and a newly fitted bar. We wanted the office to be more than a workplace, but a place where our team and clients can come together.

Commission Factory’s core values are hard work, passion, diversity, inclusivity, trust, teamwork and most importantly, fun. Our team is more than just a team. We are a community that extends to our clients and affiliate partners.  

What inspires our employees and continues to help the Commission Factory thrive is our commitment to our values. To embody these values, Commission Factory has instilled the following benefits: 

  • Autonomous management philosophy
  • Fantastic staff benefits 
  • Generous remuneration
  • An approachable management team with an open-door policy
  • Diversity and inclusiveness

We value personal and professional growth, and to empower employees, we offer uncapped hours for personal development training and promote knowledge sharing within the team. We provide more than just a workplace. Commission Factory is a space where team members can connect, relax and have fun. 

Key Values


We have inclusive dynamic community that supports a healthy balance between work and play. Fun is in our DNA.


We take ownership and deliver on our word. We know that the best outcomes come from hard work, trust and dedication to getting the job done. Ego doesn’t have a place here.

People Centric

Our diversity gives us unique perspectives. Our partners and our people are our biggest asset and we understand that our differences make us stronger.


We are curious, agile and brave which enables us to create our market-leading innovative solutions and rise to new challenges.


We create more meaningful relationships with our partners and our teammates when we work together towards a shared goal. We want everyone to have a voice and contribute.