Critical Input: Bringing People and Process Together

About: Tim Griffiths founded Critical Input in 2007 as a consultancy service offering process improvement, supply chain and project-management activities. Critical Input works in sectors ranging from water and energy to mining and heavy industry.

Location: Brisbane

Tim Griffiths, Managing Director at Critical Input

Company culture based on trust & transparency

We have a very supportive, tolerant and friendly company culture where we respect each individual for their expertise and unique perspectives. I only hire people who are senior in their experience and experts at what they do, so they require very little supervision.

I’m really proud of our agile team led by our strong moral compass where we’re committed to providing a service based on trust and transparency. We always deliver the highest quality of service to our clients and provide support – even after project completion.

We’re very collaborative, as a team, but also with our clients. We’re very much outcome-focussed, but our working style is open, friendly and efficient.

Work life balance at Critical Input

Our model is an agile one, so when one of my team isn’t required to work client-side, I have no problem with them working in their PJs, outside on their deck and choosing their own hours, so long as the work gets done.

I actively encourage them to work anywhere and enjoy their favourite recreational activities, whether it’s fishing, yoga or socialising. I think we all do really well at achieving a work-life balance, even though there are times when we all need to roll up our sleeve and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

We work in the field of problem-solving, so flexible work delivery is what we’re good at. In many ways, our model has meant we’ve adapted well to the rollercoaster that has come with living through a global pandemic.

Critical Input company values

We do have three clearly defined values. Whenever we onboard a new employee or contractor, we share these values with them so it sets the tone and strengthens our culture. We re-iterate these values in all our communication materials and in our daily behaviours.

Our values aren’t academic or lofty – they are practical and guide the way we work on a daily basis. They are:

Process: Because without process, there is no destination. We’re process-driven, but also process-drivers. Anchored in the measurement-based strategy for continuous improvement, “Six Sigma”, Critical Input focuses on assessing, tweaking and refining processes so that your organisation runs like a well oiled machine.

People: Because without buy-in, there is no evolution. A formal client stakeholder map is always the starting point. We identify the movers, the shakers, the influencers and the change-makers, and spend time engaging and aligning with these enablers in the organisation.

It’s a given that Critical Input hand-picks the best professionals for the job. All our consultants are highly educated and experienced with tried and proven strategies.

Principles: Because integrity is everything. Critical Input’s agile team is led by a strong moral compass and committed to providing a service based on honesty, trust and transparency. We always deliver the highest quality of service to our clients and provide support, even after project completion. We operate on this principle – we’re happy when you’re happy.

Employee benefits at Critical Input

Firstly, we pay extremely well. Everyone is given the chance to work flexibly. We also provide all team members with complimentary IT support, regardless if it’s for personal or work purposed.

During lockdown, we sent everybody a bottle of champagne or wine. Where appropriate we’ve supported team members to undertake industry-specific professional development. All employees receive an annual bonus, and we include long-term casuals in that.

Something that I personally do as a business owner and manager is make the time to spend one-on-one time with each of my team members, whether that’s over coffee or dinner or as was the case over lockdown, on videocalls.

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