Here Coworking: Creative Coworking Space

About: Here Coworking is a purpose-built creative coworking space located on a Sydney waterfront location. The space offers a curated community of Sydney’s most interesting creative artists and entrepreneurs.

Location: Pyrmont, NSW

Our values are defined by the fabric of our community. By curating a space on the belief that humans should work in a cohesive, collaborative environment, our values have grown organically.

Consideration & community: Sharing space at Here Coworking

In a word: considerate. We pride ourselves on having created a coworking business that has focused on the core principles that share spaces were born from: consideration, space, community, support and professionalism.

The community at Here Coworking was designed to be one that forms a self-sustaining collective. As we primarily focus on creative professionals, we interview applicants for membership to ensure that they understand how the space runs, why we are different and how the community consider others.

It allows us to moderate the frequency of the culture. Like-minded people with a like-minded goal, to be a part of a place where people want to come to work every day. A place that considers privacy, focus, relaxation, conversation and more.

As an example of how well the culture has formed over the past three years, with the unexpected impact of COVID-19, we were able to approach our community both as a whole and as individuals with support in their time of need. This resulted in only a 5% loss of members. Our culture is reflective both of us as a company and our incredible community.

Work-life balance at Here Coworking

Here is a company formed by directors who have been around the traps working in both creative and coworking businesses for the past twenty years. As we are in our forties, work life balance has been something we have cultivated and embraced as we have become older. A tenet that we pass on to our employees.

When we searched for a location we specifically looked for a space that would offer high ceilings, fresh air, water views, greenery and a sense of calm. The space itself was designed by the directors to create balance in the studio.

Balance has always been front of mind.

We encourage social conversation above and beyond work topics as well as outdoor activities for exercise, mindfulness and rest. We designed a work day that encourages productivity without overload, so that home life is rarely impacted by the pressures of work.

Working by considerate design

Considerate collaboration. There’s that word again – consideration!

We have found in our industry that the biggest complaint among shared spaces is the lack of consideration from both the business and other members. This is why it is so important for us to do what we can to build a community that respect each other.

Everyone is considerate by design. Our concierge team are on hand at all times while actively looking for ways to encourage engagement. Even in this time of COVID they are running a digital, remote environment to check in on the members each day. There is a palpable energy in the space that is not manufactured.

It’s quite simple really: we have focused on the human element of shared spaces. This working style resonates with the members who in turn treat us with the same sense of support. We truly believe this is the way of the future of work. We have the privilege of watching as the large coworking brands fail to support their community during the pandemic crisis. Often shackling their members when they most need freedom.

Our commitment has been to freeze our member’s fees or often a 50/50 split of costs during and post COVID. Effectively costing them nothing while securing their deskspace and community.

Employee Benefits

  • Flexible work hours to suit home life requirements: We help support staff who are single parents and younger members of the community who are still in University.
  • Encouragement for vacation periods: We feel it is important to take vacations to pursue own interests and stay healthy.
  • Encouragement to take time off for family events: We feel it is important not to miss those special times with family i.e. Children’s dance performance at school.
  • Great environment to work from: Natural light, fresh air.
  • Encouragement to take breaks during work time: Walks outside in the sun and waterfront.
  • All work expenses paid for by the company: i.e. Any training, hardware or software required.
  • Support from Directors when work load is increased to try and ease pressure: We are always conscious not to overload staff, in turn this helps maintain happiness in their work.
  • Regular job evaluations were we try and ensure the employee is moving in the direction and what they would like to focus on.
  • Help in the development of various industry skills: Social media, marketing and sales and customer relations.
  • Providing opportunities for employees to network with both the members residing at Here, and external brands using the space for workshops and events. You are surrounded by a sea of creative minds and endless talent which inspires their own journey in the arts.
  • Providing opportunities in the growth of organisational skills: Planning workshops, meetings, corporate events and talks.
  • Providing opportunities to develop business-to-business relationship skills.

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