Orchard: Creative & Technology Business

About: Orchard is a creative and technology business fusing art and technology to invent better outcomes that make a difference for brands, businesses and people.

Location: Sydney, New York.

Small family company culture

We may be 100+ people, but we consider ourselves one small family. The Orchard culture has been developed bottom up and from within, and our success is a result of providing our people with the resources needed to build a flexible workplace (and culture) that has grown to become the Orchard way.

Perhaps what we are most proud of is the unique, close-knit agency culture we’ve successfully built and our goal of making work feel a little more like home. As we face a post COVID-19 world, we think this commitment is more important than ever.

Work-life balance at Orchard

Among other benefits, Orchard offers a flexible work from home policy and during summer, our team is encouraged to finish work by 4pm on Fridays in order to take advantage of the sun! We also offer a health and wellness program including meditation, Pilates and monthly massages.

It’s well-documented that happy people deliver better outcomes for their teams and clients. Company culture, however, isn’t only about delivering better work and bigger numbers. For us, it’s about ensuring that our people are excited by what they are doing and are bringing their best selves to work, wherever that may be.

Inventing better outcomes: working the Orchard way

Curiosity is at the heart of everything we do, and we are constantly asking ‘why’ in order to deliver outcomes better. We’re dedicated to fuelling the ambitions of our people and providing access to the best tools, training and resources so that we can continue questioning the ‘norm’.

This includes tapping into skills, capabilities and even fitness activities on offer to ensure energy levels are high and headspace remains positive. Our people are also known to be supportive and team-oriented, operating with a ‘we, not me’ mentality.

Orchard’s company cultures

Our company culture is driven by the Orchard values: Collaboration, Curiosity and Integrity. We seek to uphold these values in everything we do, including how we work with one another and in the work we produce for our clients. Our aim is to continue offering an inclusive and welcome environment in which employees are comfortable being themselves, growing, and doing what’s right, not easy.

The self-appointed Orchard SMORFFS (Selected Members of Orchard Responsible For Fun Stuff) are in charge of all agency activities and scheduled fun, including social gatherings and charity fundraising. We’re grateful to have such passionate, willing and enthusiastic people in our team who help to showcase our values and who genuinely want to give back.

Employee benefits at Orchard

As leaders, we prioritise the wellbeing and happiness of our team above all else. At Orchard, we offer free access for employees and their family members to counselling services (physical, mental, social and financial) via our Employee Assistance Program.

We also offer a structured Kid’s Club program every school holiday, where kids can visit the office and see how their parents spend their days.

Our team also take advantage of free meditation and fitness classes, as well as regular Wednesday treats days and monthly all-agency lunches. Our leave policies are generous, offering each team member their birthday day off and additional annual leave based on tenure.

Dogs are also welcome (with open arms and pats) every day of the week. As mentioned, we want to make working at Orchard feel a little more like home.

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