Perkbox: Global Employee Benefits and Rewards Platform

About: Perkbox is a global benefits and rewards platform that allows you to care for, connect with and celebrate your employees – no matter where they are or what they like.

Location: UK, Australia.

Supportive, inspiring and enjoyable: Working at Perkbox

The Perkbox culture is supportive, inspiring and enjoyable and we work hard to ensure it remains this way. We celebrate successes, share memories, care for one another’s wellbeing, and ultimately build a more productive company culture. We believe that by fostering a culture that’s enjoyable for our own employees, we can naturally create a better experience for our customers too. Ultimately, people who feel happy, healthy and engaged perform better.

Importantly, culture is more than ‘doing’ — it’s about listening too. At Perkbox we understand that one of the best ways to build and retain our culture is by listening to employees’ wants and needs. Safeguarding our culture is the number one priority because we understand the importance of putting people first.

Work-life balance at Perkbox

When it comes to work-life balance, we believe in the ‘employee experience’ over ‘employee engagement’. The way we see it, if engagement is the destination, the journey is the employee experience, and that is because people are much more nuanced than being either ‘engaged’ or ‘disengaged’. 

We’re passionate about seeing everybody as a whole individual — not just as an employee and certainly not as an “asset”. We recognise that everything they feel at work – good, bad and in between – spills over into their home life, and vice versa. 

Perkbox is built on what people want and need, not what we think they want and need. Our focus is on how we can empower employees to strike  a balance between work and home that works for them.  

This starts by being clear with role expectations and performance.  The next step is to ensure people have the tools, training and support to do the role.  Finally, it’s important to revisit the discussion, to keep pace with the changing needs of Perkbox and people. Each individual is different, and that providing choice and flexibility is vital.

Joining the Perkbox team

Our team at Perkbox strikes the rare balance between personal ambition and collective celebration.  We recognise the achievements of individuals, and that inspires all of us to learn and improve our performance, working collaboratively and supportively to get stuff done. 

The nature of our work, and our focus on customer centricity, means teams need to work closely together, so we invest time into getting to know each other as people and building trust.  Finally, employee wellbeing – in the broadest sense – is important to us, and we take the time to check in with each other and support where we can (a team style that has been invaluable over the past two years!)

The Perkbox company values

We discuss, recognise and live four values around the world: 

  • Trust: We all have trust in our ability to succeed, the autonomy to get there and the responsibility to see it through. 
  • Spirit: We’re adaptable, resilient and determined, bouncing back when we’re down and staying humble when we’re on top. 
  • Unity: We are one team, solving problems together and supporting each other to make our vision a reality. 
  • Curiosity: We are hungry to learn and share knowledge – asking questions, challenging conventions and refusing to rest on our laurels.

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