Pluralsight: The Technology Skills Platform

About: Pluralsight is an online education company offering video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals.

Location: U.S., Dublin, Sydney.

Company culture interview with Mike Featherstone Managing Director ANZ, Pluralsight.

Pluralsight company culture

Pluralsight is united by our mission to democratise technology skills and support the innovations of individuals and organisations around the world. We foster a healthy and safe environment that is built upon our company values and commitment to our mission.

Our culture is one of honesty, openness, transparency and learning that welcomes diversity of thought and encourages ideas from team members at every level in the organisation. Our culture enables team members and leaders to innovate and grow personally as well as professionally without fear.

We’ve been able to set ourselves apart as a great workplace by consistently focusing on building an engaged and high-performing team that is passionate about driving meaningful business outcomes. 

Work-life balance at Pluralsight

Pluralsight supports and empowers team members to get what they need to lead balanced and productive lives. Pluralsight team members are able to work remotely and have flexibility in their schedules.

We offer unlimited paid time off and encourage team members to take the time they need to feel rejuvenated and this starts with the leadership team. Leaders set the precedent by taking time off work and encouraging their teams to do the same. You’ll often see leaders go on vacation and share their photos with the rest of the team.

We want to make sure that our team members see that we value personal time, so they won’t feel guilty for prioritising theirs. We also recently implemented a company-wide, week-long paid mid-year break for team members around the world to spend time with friends and family.

Working style at Pluralsight

Definitely autonomous. One of the biggest things that we see hampering productivity and creativity are expectations; assuming someone is going to do something or be a certain way. So Pluralsight instituted co-created agreements, which have all parties involved agree on something, together, in what works for them.

One of our values is to “Be our word,” we are committed to honouring those agreements to ensure everyone has autonomy to work in the way that works for them.

Additionally, as we operate as owners and as creators, it diminishes the need for a hierarchical structure, which empowers all team members to do their best work.

1. Be our word: honouring our word no matter what the cost.

2. Accountable for excellence: clearly communicate and deliver our best work.

3. Committed to something bigger: set aside ego, individual agendas, and personal motivations.

4. Seek context with intention: truly looking to understand someone else’s perspective before sharing their own and expecting something.

5. Create with possibility: willing to re-look at anything at any time, with belief that what currently is may not be accessing what is possible.

Pluralsight Company Values

Employee benefits

Our team member benefits or Total Rewards Program, as we call it, reinforces our values. The program is designed to 1) help everyone focus on Pluralsight’s aim; 2) strive to be consistent, objective and fair; 3) foster growth and cooperation; and 4) allow everyone to profit from Pluralsight’s growth and success. 

We are intentional with our Total Rewards package to ensure that team members are fully taken care of and that the care extends to the whole person. This includes:

  • Base pay: intended to recognize the work we do and the contributions we make to the business, every day in our roles.
  • Bonus/commission: given to team members to reward them for performance.
  • Spot bonus: used to recognize exceptional demonstration of our core values related directly to a specific project or outcome.
  • We know that we win as a team, which is why each team member is made an owner through RSU grants.
  • Pluralsight covers physical health, mental health, dental and vision for all of our team members plus their spouses and children, with 100% of premiums paid in full by Pluralsight.
  • Pluralsight provides a term life insurance policy and matching 401K
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Unlimited paid time off, flexible work hours and remote work availability, and a mid-year break
  • Parental leave policy: gender inclusive and allows for up to 16 weeks paid time off, plus 6 weeks of flexible return-to-work program. 
  • Monthly wellness reimbursement towards any health club membership, in addition to access to gym facilities onsite. 

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