QuizBreaker: Virtual Team Building Game

About: QuizBreaker is a distributed company, founded in 2018 with a mission to deliver virtual team building activities for remote teams. Since the company’s launch, tens of thousands of team ice breaker quizzes have been run using QuizBreaker – bringing teams together all over the world.

Location: Distributed

Nathan Murphy, Co-founder of QuizBreaker

QuizBreaker company culture

At QuizBreaker we believe that you can do amazing work without sacrificing your lifestyle. The mental health of our team is our number one priority. We want them to be happy and fulfilled in what they are doing.

Our team is still very small, so we have the opportunity to make sure we get this right in the early days. We have a strong belief that every person has an individual has a unique working style. If you structure your work to the strengths of your unique working style – you’ll produce better work over the long term.

Both of our cofounders have come from a history of independent remote working, making this a core tenant of how we function as a team. Having worked in the corporate landscape prior to building our own business, we are keen to leave behind the things we disliked the most – especially unnecessary meetings!

Instead, being in the virtual team building industry, we focus on the fun stuff. We’ve spent a lot of time researching the best remote team building practises.

Work-life balance at QuizBreaker

I think flexibility is the word that best describes our approach here. Life gets boring quickly if you’re doing the exact same thing at the exact same time every single day. When you structure your work around your life I think it increases your overall happiness a lot. And rather than measuring the hours you put in, it’s far more effective to measure the outputs of what you’ve done.

QuizBreaker’s team working style

Alongside QuizBreaker we actually have another company called WorkStyle. We invested a lot of time into understanding each of our unique strengths and weaknesses and how to operate best as a team. Each of us brings a different personality trait to the team. This kind of diversity makes for an overall much stronger team.

We place a high value on internal ‘transparency’, ‘autonomy’ in our work and a clear cut ‘focus’ on what’s vital to the businesses long term success.

QuizBreaker’s company values

Employee Benefits

So far we haven’t put together a specific list of benefits but some would be; work the hours that work best for you & a no questions asked leave policy. I’m excited to identify other employee benefits we can bring to the team to make them feel that QuizBreaker is the best job they’ve ever had.

Career Opportunities

Currently no open positions available.

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