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About: Rackspace Inc. is an American managed cloud computing company based in Windcrest, Texas, USA. The company also has offices in Virginia and Texas, as well as internationally in Australia, UK, Europe, and Asia.

Location: Global.

Company culture interview with Sean Girvin, Managing Director ANZ, Rackspace

Award-winning company culture: transparency, curiosity & compassion

Rackspace’s company culture is multi-faceted and something that we are all extremely proud of. We’ve been recognised as a Great Place to Work in Australia for 7 years in a row! Our culture is built around transparency, curiosity and compassion.

By creating an environment where Rackers can be open and transparent, we encourage our teams to ask questions and challenge the status quo. We feel that each Racker should know the ins and outs of what is transpiring within the business so they can be strong and active contributors, not only to our customers but to our business growth.

Rackspace culture and core values are fundamental to our talent acquisition philosophy which is why we take the time and energy to hire people that share our passions; those who are enthusiastic to learn and grow in their careers.

When hiring, we avoid focusing too heavily on hard skills because hard skills can always be developed. We believe we can teach the right people the necessary technical skills, so we look for personal values and attitude first.

As our business continues to evolve and pivot, so too does our culture. Culture should be a complete feeling and not just a work perk or employee benefit.

Collaborative, customer driven & curious: Work-life balance at Rackspace

We are strong advocates for a solid work-life balance because we understand the importance of achieving harmony between work and family. Many Rackers request flexible working arrangements.

Each of our employees can define how they are best able to work, with some examples including changes to working hours, time or place, part-time working, job sharing, and term-time working. Working from home is also common amongst parents! We have many remote workers too because it’s all about finding the right person for the job, not the right location.

Rackspace’s working style can be narrowed down to the three C’s: collaborative, customer driven and curious. Rackers are empowered to ask questions and strive for innovative solutions for customers.

Rackspace company values

The Rackspace core values are at the centre of every function of the business and are the first thing employees and visitors see when they visit the Sydney office as they’re displayed prominently on our foyer wall.

In 2019, Rackers from across the globe worked together to redefine our Core Values.

The values we found that most rang true were: Excellence, Customer driven, Expertise, Agility and Compassion.

At Rackspace, we manifest these values through continuous learning and passionate engagement. We wear them on our t-shirts, around our necks and even on our mugs, because we believe they guide us individually and as a whole.

Employee benefits at Rackspace

Rackspace offers a wide range of benefits to employees, from an additional day of leave to celebrate birthdays to a cultural committee that organises team outings. These events days have previously included cooking classes, boat trips on the harbour, and go-karting.

During a normal workweek, we’re conscious that Rackers can spend a third of their ‘awake’ hours in the office so we want to make sure that the office is a comfortable environment to be in. There are basic facilities such as a commercial espresso machine, a soda stream, stand up desks, fresh fruit, healthy snacks, as well as some more novelty items like Lovesacs, a PlayStation, board games and a table tennis table.

For those who ride their bikes to work or who exercise during the day, we also provide shower facilities. Further, our gym benefit offers Rackers access to a wide range of training styles and excellent gym facilities. To encourage employees to stay fit and sign up, Rackspace covers a full gym membership cost as long as they go twice a week.

While we are proud of these perks, we also provide important benefits that ensure the well-being of our employees with top-level health cover, salary continuance, life insurance and an employee assistance program that Rackers can access at any stage of their employment.

The well-being of our staff matters to us, so Rackspace does everything in its power to ensure that Rackers are provided with a workplace that they are proud to be a part of.

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