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About: ShopFully is a mobile-first marketplace helping more than 50 million people to find the best deals from the near-by stores and all the information they need for a frictionless shopping experience.

Locations: Australia, Italy

ShopFully’s company culture

As cliché as it may sound, we’re like family. We recently celebrated five years of Australian operations, which was particularly special as the majority of the team have been here since day dot. We’re proud to say that we have created a culture where each team member has a sense of belonging, that this is our own business to run and flourish.

As we hire more people of the ground, they’ve easily caught on to the fact that we are really passionate about the business. We work hard and support each other during working hours, but we make the extra effort to enjoy each other’s company outside of work, so we never forget to have a bit of fun!

But, running and being part of a business doesn’t come without its challenges. For example, there are absolutely times when there are differences of opinions across the team, and for us, we believe that radical candour and providing constructive feedback contributes to our collective vision to succeed as a team as a business.

Work-life balance at ShopFully

Work life balance is a value that we live and breathe at ShopFully. We’ve been practicing flexible working even prior to the pandemic. With our headquarters based out of Italy, we have had to learn how to juggle with the time difference and collaborate with our colleagues at a distance.

Locally, we have people in the team who doesn’t necessarily reside in Greater Sydney, some live down the coast, and our team in Melbourne is completely remote as we don’t have a physical office there. What work life balance comes down to is trust and no one has broken that trust in the last five years we’ve been operating, and there’s no reason for us to break the work balance either. It’s about the efficiency of work and resulting outputs.

We also know that while remote working has had many benefits to our personal lives, it has also impacted every day, close-contact interactions between team members. As such, we make the conscious effort to diarise social occasions, like a simple team drinks on a Friday to catch up as a wider team as a way to boost team morale.

Working at Shopfully

Every single person in the ShopFully team is committed to the business and their personal growth as true professionals, with clear objectives and priorities set out for them as part of their career development. And, they say you’re only as good as those around you and we truly believe that there are so many things about the business that we don’t know inside out.

But there are team members who do, so there is always a sense of collective collaboration across the team to learn from each other to be the best that we can be and at the same time, take the business to higher grounds. We achieve most things within the business with this mentality and this is something that we’re proud of.

Company values

At ShopFully, we’re passionate about our people, our customers and our business—these are the corporate values that we live and breathe every day.