Sparro: Independent Digital Marketing Agency

About: Sparro is Australia’s largest independent digital marketing agency. Working with a diverse client base including Destination NSW, Webjet, Domino’s Pizza, Estee Lauder Companies, and more, Sparro are channel experts in paid and organic search, programmatic marketing and multivariate testing.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Sparro’s company culture

Our culture isn’t derived from beer on tap, Wednesday cheeseboards, monthly social events, or birthday cake celebrations – but we do get a tonne of enjoyment out of those perks! Our culture is our people; passionate, supportive, results-driven, and reliable.

During the COVID-19 restrictions, our culture shone through more than ever, and we couldn’t be more proud of the strong union we share. We looked after each other through ‘virtual coffee catchups’, daily standups, team-hosted trivia, virtual two-up and plenty of memes.

Our culture is the output of a diverse, inclusive environment where we grow and achieve together. We champion collaboration and innovation, encourage everyone to have a go, and we celebrate our differences and shared successes.

We’re digital marketers, data analysts and developers.

Work-life balance at Sparro

The line between personal and professional lives is blurred more than ever, and we believe in promoting a healthy life all round.

Initiatives we have to support this include:

  • Flexible working arrangements and working from home options
  • Class Pass fitness membership
  • Mental wellbeing program which includes access to a counsellor
  • Mindfulness training
  • Daily team stretching (or tai chi or charades!)
  • We work at 65% billable hours to enforce no overtime!

Covid has shown us more than ever how our team can work flexibly, from home, and contribute cross-team. We’ll be pursuing an even more relaxed work from home program from here in.

Getting shit done: Working the Sparro way

Our working style is collaborative, promoting knowledge sharing between all teams and in partnership with our clients. Titles don’t inhibit thought leadership, everyone’s voice is heard. We embrace servant leadership, and encourage coaching methods throughout the whole company.

We work within a thin, flat organisational structure, which allows staff to:

  • Become multiskilled
  • Have access to peers and leaders of different levels of experience
  • Increase responsibility seamlessly as they progress
  • Not be limited in their progression
  • Have the autonomy to go the extra mile or think outside the box to solve a problem

The value of our company is tied to the collective thought leadership and experience of the team. To maximise collaboration, we:

  • Have an ‘innovation club’ to tackle new projects
  • Run cross-team training and workshops to pollinate skills
  • Have informal ‘coffee catchups’ across the whole team
  • Have formal coaching pairs
  • Hack days with clients, such as long standing partner Webjet

In plainer words, we love getting shit done. We do whatever it takes to achieve success.

Sparro wins B&T Best Digital Services and Young Achiever of the Year – 2018

Career Opportunities

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