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About: Venntifact is a digital agency with deep expertise in marketing technology and analytics, working with leading brands to build and enable data driven decision-making and digital innovation.

Location: Sydney, Australia

How would you describe Venntifact’s company culture?

Close-knit Community

The community feeling comes out in full force whenever there is a milestone to celebrate, and more so when help and support is requested. Most people upon joining Venntifact, or even as they are progressing through the interview stages, have commented on the warmth they feel almost instantly between us as colleagues.


Many hands make light work, a motto we have lived and breathed since the start of Venntifact. We ran a survey about a year into operations, and our question was “Which value do you feel best represents Venntifact”. Collaboration was one of the highest ranking values chosen by our people which we were really proud of.

Honest and Transparent

Venntifact has gone through multiple growth spurts in the past two years and each growth spurt has come with its fair share of unique challenges and considerations. Each time, the leaders have chosen to be honest and open about issues they are working through.

By demonstrating this behaviour from the top we are now seeing the same behaviour repeated between people through the organisation. This level of honesty and transparency has led to stability in employee engagement and helped us manage employee sentiment a lot better through the COVID-19 period.

Work-life balance at Venntifact

We believe that a healthy balance of work and fun improves overall productivity and performance. This is the main driving force behind all the effort we put into creating regular social opportunities for everyone to gather and have fun together.

Each month we have time set aside for Lunch & Learn (peer-to-peer knowledge sharing session) and a “Vennti-show” (end of month recap of milestones, celebrations, showcase of personal passion projects and games).

In recent times with everyone working from home, we have instituted a mid-week hangout hour to replicate the act of physically gathering at the lunch table – purely for social contact and chatter with anyone welcome to jump in and out anytime with no pressure.

We work hard to ensure our people do not view their work as a chore by respecting and showcasing personal passion projects as much as we value high quality of work delivered. Our goal is to ultimately create advocates for the Venntifact brand by ensuring our people are well balanced in work, fun and personal passions.

How would you describe the team’s working style?

We are extremely collaborative in our approach. We have created a set of virtual tools and best practice models that encourage collaborative discussions when designing a solution. Virtual “whiteboarding” is the most popular tool we have that is used on almost every consulting project we work on.

Our operational and delivery processes have been set up purposefully to support the right people performing the right duties in a role, which has worked well to reduce overlaps of attempting to do something that may not be your core skill.

We have also cultivated a group of people with different personalities, backgrounds, professional experience and passions, to ensure we infuse multiple perspectives to all our client delivery.

Venntifact employee benefits

  • Regular team-bonding social events in the calendar bring us together (weekly and monthly) for business updates and to share a laugh. The monthly “Vennti-show” (held on the last Friday of each month) is a favourite in our diaries, where hosts rotate by teams , updates and milestones are celebrated, a contest at the end with plenty of good-natured roasting in between
  • Lunch and Learns are held monthly with catered lunches provided. This is a dedicated time for peer to peer knowledge sharing on a different topic each month
  • Weekly photo competitions with a different theme each week
  • Flexible work arrangements and option to work remotely. With manager approval, employees have the option to work from home or work an adjusted schedule
  • Paid parental leave and paid vacation time
  • Relocation assistance
  • Opportunities to attend conferences (local and international) with travel and expenses paid for
  • Paid professional development courses of your choice
  • Values based employee recognition programs; we set up a range of tools to enable formal and informal ways to give someone a shout out
  • Coaching and mentoring programs to support your personal and professional development plans
  • Twice a year performance review and individual goals setting
  • A chance to participate in the Employee Share Option Plan
  • A well-stocked pantry with snacks and drinks
  • Free breakfast provided while working onsite

Career Opportunities

  • Data & Analytics Consultant
  • CX & Optimisation Consultant
  • Marketing Automation Consultant
  • Technology Solutions Consultant
  • Office & Events Coordinator
  • Digital Project Coordinator

Interested in the above roles and keen to know more? Drop Venntifact a line at [email protected].

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