Vitality Club: Industry-Leading Care Provider

About: Vitality Club is an industry-leading care provider delivering high quality, personalised and holistic services to people with diverse lived experiences.

Locations: Sydney, Australia

Vitality Club’s company culture

Vitality Club is a Sydney based care provider that specialises in in-home care for older Australians. We are proud to deliver services in a sector that is underpinned by a soft kindness and nurturing but to stand out as a friendly face in care. Our logo is brought to life by a wink formed by our initials ‘VC’, and is a fresh and exciting reflection of this. I truly believe that the look and feel of our brand reflects our company culture.

As an Aged Care service provider, we are fortunate to attract incredibly kind and caring individuals. We would love to take credit for that, but it’s a testament to our employees that they want to build a career in an industry centred on giving back and helping some of the most vulnerable people in our population. A sense of compassion is inherent in our employees, but that is matched with hardwork and a little bit of cheek (*wink, wink).

As a young company, in only our 7th year of operation, we work hard every day to be an industry leading care provider, delivering high quality, personalised and holistic services to Australians with diverse lived experiences. However, we also find time to laugh everyday. Sometimes at each other, sometimes at ourselves – but everyday there are moments of joy. Caring can be hard work and compassion fatigue is real, however when you can focus on gratitude and find time to laugh and joke with your supportive team, that’s when we really start to achieve great things and create systemic change.

From inception, we have had to compete with large well-established organisations but have always been able to attract talent through our playful and relaxed approach that focuses on quality and well-rounded development. We expect our staff to treat clients like ‘whole people’ factoring in all of the elements that make up a person when we deliver their care; who they live with, what they enjoy, what they need assistance with but also what they are managing well. Similarly, we treat our staff like ‘whole people’ and focus on professional and personal development opportunities and helping them to achieve success and hit milestones both within and outside of their role.

Work-life balance at Vitality Club

Like many businesses, COVID forced us to really reassess our working style. Systems and processes that we just assumed required face to face contact, we quickly realised had to be made completely remote and it changed the entire way we operated, for the better. We are now able to provide flexible working options to our whole team and lead from a place of transparency to promote independence and autonomy. 

As a service provider working with predominantly older people, we respect the ‘9-5’ parameters as it provides a structure that allows our clients to know what to expect when dealing with our services. However, that’s where the reliance on hours ends. All of our performance and success measures are output and metric based. We know that life is busy and sometimes messy, so we trust our staff to do what they need to do and let them take ownership over how their schedule supports that. Our staff enjoy coming into the office to work collaboratively and spend time with each other, but they also value the flexibility to work from home as well, so all of our meetings and check-ins are set up as ‘remote first’ to remove any loss or connection to our company culture when you are working remotely.

Our business is only as good as our staff delivering and coordinating the services, so happy, engaged and fulfilled employees have always been our focus. Work and life are inextricably related. Our staff practice what they preach and enjoy sharing work successes as much as they enjoy sharing our hobbies and passions. We have a weekly stretch club, lead team meetings and check-ins with updates on personal goals, have an entire slack channel devoted to “lockdown activities”, regularly share updates on dinner, new recipes tried and our favourite podcasts and books.      

Fun, dynamic and collaborative: Working at Vitality Club

One of the things I value most in our company is the opportunity to work closely with all teams. As a small business, you get to know everyone so well and the link their role forms in the chain. If you don’t do your part, you impact someone else’s ability to do their part and the whole system comes undone.

There is infinite opportunity for staff to share their ideas and everyone’s voice is heard – whether you’re the newest member of the team, or the CEO, we all share our priorities and blockers in a daily huddle.

Company values

  • Family – Vitality Club’s foundations were built on family and community, which is a legacy that continues today. We want to deliver care to our clients with the same passion and motivation to achieve outcomes as if they were our own family.
  • Leadership – we have the opportunity to be leaders, both in our industry and in our roles. If we lead by example, we can create change to better a system and impact many.  
  • Every day is a gift – we as a collective and as individuals get to wake up every day and make a positive difference in the lives of others.