Wrike: Project Management Software

About: Wrike is an enterprise-ready, cloud-based collaborative work management platform for managing cross-functional work at scale.

Location: North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Japan.

Two heads are better than one: Working at Wrike

The old saying, “two heads are better than one,” stands true at Wrike. The cornerstone of our team’s working style is collaboration, whether working within one department or cross-functionally amongst global teams, strategising together to leverage our strengths is key to our success.

There is a connective tissue that unifies all Wrike teams and therefore the success of each team is dependent on support and collaboration from another, this is what makes one Wrike. Woven into Wrike’s teamwork mindset is also the philosophy of divide and conquer.

As a global organisation, we’ve found that when our team can strategise and align on one vision for a project at the start, we can then divide and execute against the smaller initiatives based on our team’s strengths across the organisation.

This blended methodology of collaboration and execution allows us to keep multiple teams engaged while also leveraging the best assets to bring the project from concept to reality, that’s Wrikey.

Work-life balance at Wrike

We understand there’s so much more to life than work, but work does indeed make up a vast majority of our adult lives. At the heart of the Wrike team culture is a ‘work hard, play hard’ spirit, and you can’t play hard if you don’t step away from your computer.

We aim to encourage work-life balance through many avenues. One way we support that balance is through company events and team outings that take our Wrikers away from their desks and afford them the opportunity to engage with fellow Wrikers and their friends, families and loved ones, in a fun environment.

Some of our favorite events include trips to the ballpark or horse races, Wriker-led yoga breaks, and even informal group walks around the neighborhood to get some sun and fresh air.

Another way that we look to support work-life balance is through encouraging an open and transparent culture, where leadership and our Wrikers can have honest dialogues about challenges at work or home.

Creating a psychologically safe working environment is key to a successful work-life balance, if employees feel safe they will open up about their challenges, wins and ideas which provide peers and leadership transparency.

This allows us to provide better support to each individual employee, whether that might mean they need additional professional development to succeed in their role or perhaps added flexibility in their schedule to accommodate a personal matter.

Grow – Improve every week. Seek feedback. Turn everything into a learning opportunity. Set aspiring goals and strive to reach them.

Execute – Apply both creative and critical thinking. Validate and iterate quickly. Minimise waste and maximise value. Turn constraints into ingenious solutions. Get things done!

Collaborate – Make customers successful, and the good will come around. Be friendly and support fellow Wrikers. Have fun at work. Check your ego at the door, and put the team’s success first.

Wrike Company Values

Employee benefits at Wrike

As a global company with 10 offices around the world, we seek to provide a comprehensive benefits package that supports the unique needs and flavor of each local office.

Across our regions we offer a generous PTO policy and encourage Wrikers to take time away from work to spend with loved ones, travel the world and fuel their individual passions. We believe an employee workforce that is energised, fulfilled and inspired in their personal lives will show up with that same passion to produce career-defining work at Wrike.

Additionally, we place a major emphasis on health and well-being, because that’s how we’d wanted to be taken care of too. Wrike offers full medical, dental and vision coverage and ensures all Wrikers have access to a gym so they can get active.

And because no one can produce stellar work on an empty stomach, our Wrikers are provided catered lunch five days a week and have access to fully stocked kitchens to allow for snacking at their pleasure.

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