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Mirus Australia: Making Aged Care Better with People & Technology

Walk into Mirus Australia’s Pyrmont office on any given day and you might see employees collaborating across an open planned office; a couple dogs running around the place and kids visiting their parents at work.

Welcome to a typical day at the Mirus office. Founded in October 2010 by James Price and Robert Covino, Mirus Australia is an aged care consultancy helping aged care providers navigate the landscape with insights and technology to improve their financial sustainability.

As a long-time admirer of their culture, Balance the Grind had the opportunity to speak to the team at Mirus to get a better understanding of how they shape the company culture, work-life balance for employees, and more.

Community & purpose-led culture: Making Aged Care Better

Mirus has a “grown-up” culture. Everyone is given autonomy over the work they do. The assumption is everyone is going to do the best they can and if they need assistance or make a mistake they will notify someone who can help.

With autonomy comes accountability and greater responsibility – you are rewarded for working hard and for working smart. It’s not always about the longest hours but we do recognise the best ideas and suggestions.

Mirus is a “purpose-led” culture – we are all acutely aware of the industry we serve and who the end customer is. We believe in caring for our aged community and every decision we make is underpinned by the goal of #makingagedcarebetter.

Mirus is a “community” – we serve a community and we work and live in a community. Looking after our clients and staff are of equal importance to us. We treat our clients and staff with respect and integrity. Honesty and trust is a fundamental premise.

Mirus is a learning culture – we all love to learn. We actively look for new projects, roles for people to stretch their skills, We offer LinkedIn Learning to all staff with no limit on the number of hours to undertake learning.

We try to avoid mistakes but if a mistake is made we share it so that we can all learn from it.

Mirus company values

We innovate – We are creative and vibrant, we are constantly thinking about new ways, new solutions.

We speak up – We are dynamic thinkers, confident workers, and proactive problem solvers.

We follow-through – We are responsible and empathic, we don’t rest until we come to a resolution that will make a difference.

We get results – We are resourceful, determined and resilient; we want to see real positive outcomes.

Work-life balance for Mirus employees

We expect employees to have interests, passions and responsibilities outside of work and activity encourage them to manage work and life with equal enthusiasm.

In fact, we have numerous Mirus-arranged and subsidies activities to fuel some of these interests including personal training; yoga; bookclub; dance classes; Tough Mudder challenges.  

We embrace what is important to our staff and you will often find staff bringing in their dogs for a visit, grandparents, and parents bringing in their kids to play and see where mummy or daddy work.  If staff work long hours or on the weekend they are compensated with time in lieu to spend time on non-work related activities. 

A big thank you to the Mirus team for their collaboration on this piece. To find out more about Mirus Australia, head on over to their website.

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