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Managing Cohesion in Uncertain Times: Work-Life Balance at MyFiziq

Even though he’s been building and running companies for the past two decades, it never ceases to surprise Vlado Bosanac, co-founder and CEO of body scanning tech provider MyFiziq, the level of his team’s passion and commitment.

MyFiziq is an ASX-listed technology company based in Perth, providing technology to partner apps so users can measure and track their body shape and dimensions. It was co-founded by Vlado and his partner Dr. Katherine Iscoe, as a result of Vlado’s background in investment banking, years as a competitive athlete, and Dr. Iscoe’s background in science and diabetes.

Vlado Bosanac, Co-founder & CEO of MyFiziq

The company currently delivers its technology to billion dollar industries such as health & fitness, medical & insurance, corporate wellness, apparel and mobile health. MyFiziq is also about power online game and social network, Fitocracy, as well as Floyd Mayweather’s app.

MyFiziq’s team mission is to have fun be innovative, dedicated, adaptive, whilst being passionate, enthusiastic but challenged, allow flexibility but always respect each other and enjoy every day

Driven by the company mission, MyFiziq employees are passionate workers who often go above and beyond and way past the usual 9 to 5 hours.

As Vlado explains: “It wouldn’t be unusual for, Amar to send me an email at 3am on the protocols he is running or Terence doing team updates and ideas on a Sunday. Then there’s David, coming in at 5am to get a head start on his day. Or to see Sean in the office at 11 pm on a Friday night! So they all have their own style whilst staying absolutely cohesive and in tune.”

This type of work intensity can lead to a slippery slope and result in burnout if people aren’t careful.

If I had to use one word for all of them it would be passionate!

With the current COVID-19 situation and half the team working from, Vlado has been sure to emphasise this point even further.

“I recently addressed the team at our morning stand up and told them. If they are under any stress and felt they would just like a ‘me day’, they can take it. I told them we would not log it as a personal day or personal leave. The company would give it to them to simply reset.”

We strive to bring a real change to the world, through the value we believe our technology can
bring. We have a deep desire to help people be healthier by expanding their knowledge through
personal data and privacy.

MyFiziq company culture

MyFiziq has a strong team orientated mantra, the team drive each other’s passion for innovations, and to be the best at what we do. They share ideas and challenge each other whilst staying focused yet flexible.

They value each other’s strengths and work cohesively, being dynamic and passionate. Their love for the technology and working for the company shines daily at our 9 am stand up. Every member shares their previous day and the day ahead, they also share if they have any challenges, so the team can lean in and assist.

MyFiziq company values

We strive to bring a real change to the world, through the value we believe our technology can bring. We have a deep desire to help people be healthier by expanding their knowledge through personal data and privacy. We want to bring the technology’s ability to populations and governments all over the world in the fight against chronic disease and better health within their communities.

Internally, the values I would like to think I have initiated are to lead by example and work together with a desire to be a sponge, challenge, achieve, evolve, and deliver great outcomes, for not only yourself but those around you. I think this has all been possible due to my management team and their strong personal passion to be the best company and technology we can be. Pay it forward and the rest will balance out.

We are a company that started as a great technology chasing a share price. We as a team have taken this to the next level throughout this journey. We have realized we are a company that can make a difference with what we have developed.

We work in many business verticals that all lead into billions if not trillions in annual global spending, so the share price will grow and our shareholders will prosper. But we are passionate about change and bringing this to people in a cost-effective and data private manner. Our shareholders are just as important to us as our users. We believe with absolute conviction we can deliver a fantastic outcome for both, without disadvantaging either.

A big thank you to the MyFiziq team for their collaboration on this piece. To find out more, head on over to their website.

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