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Dua Lipa: Daily Routine

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Dua Lipa, a global pop phenomenon, has rapidly ascended the ranks of the music industry to become one of its most recognizable faces. With a string of chart-topping hits like “New Rules,” “One Kiss,” and “Don’t Start Now,” she has not only captured the hearts of millions worldwide but also garnered critical acclaim, including multiple Grammy Awards.

Her distinct blend of pop, disco, and electronic music, coupled with a charismatic stage presence, has solidified her status as a modern pop icon. Beyond her musical talents,  the chart-topping singer’s influence extends into fashion and social activism, making her a multifaceted figure in contemporary culture.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, the foundation of the pop powerhouse’s success is her unwavering commitment to a disciplined daily routine. Balancing the demands of a bustling career with self-care and wellness is no small feat in the fast-paced music industry. Dua’s meticulous approach to her daily schedule—spanning rigorous workouts, vocal care, and personal downtime—highlights her dedication to maintaining peak physical and mental health. 

Dua Lipa’s Daily Work Schedule

The British songstress’ day kicks off with a bit of fresh air and exercise, as she takes her dog, Dexter, for a morning walk. This simple activity is more than just a chore for her; it’s a way to clear her mind and prepare for the busy day ahead. According to Refinery29 in 2021, these early hours set the tone for her entire day, grounding her amidst the whirlwind of her career.

When it comes to managing her day, she is nothing short of meticulous. She revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter in 2024, that her daily schedule includes everything from showering to setting aside time to watch her favourite TV shows like Succession. This detailed planning isn’t just about keeping her life in order; it’s about ensuring she strikes the right balance between her demanding work schedule and those crucial moments of relaxation.

Work and rehearsals take up a significant chunk of Dua’s day. Refinery29 highlights her commitment to maintaining vocal health with routines like steaming and drinking tea, along with the intensive rehearsals that are a testament to her professionalism.

Workout and Fitness

The chart-topping artist’s approach to fitness is varied and practical, involving a mix of yoga, Pilates, strength training, and cardio, mainly through dancing. This balanced routine helps her stay in top shape, both physically and mentally, which is crucial given her busy schedule.

She’s shared in various interviews, such as with Refinery29 in 2021 and Glamour in 2022, that yoga is more than a workout for her—it’s a chance to meditate and find some calm. She values it for the mental clarity and positive mindset it brings her, as much as for the physical benefits. “Yoga is my time to meditate and start the day on a positive note,” she mentioned to Glamour.

Besides yoga, Dua incorporates strength training and Pilates into her routine to keep her performance-ready, with dancing as her favourite form of cardio. Dancing is not just exercise for her; it’s also a fun way to express herself artistically.

Her friends play a big part in her fitness routine, joining her for workouts, which adds an element of fun and motivation. She emphasises the importance of this support system in her interviews, noting how working out together can be both enjoyable and motivating.

Evening Routine

Dua Lipa’s evening routine is all about winding down and focusing on self-care after a long day of work and rehearsals. In interviews, such as one with Refinery29 in 2021, she’s shared insights into how she dedicates time to herself in the evenings, emphasising the importance of skincare and meditation in her nightly ritual. These practices are not just about physical care but also about giving herself space to mentally unwind and process the day.

Skincare is a significant part of her evening routine, where she takes the time to treat her skin after it’s been under makeup and exposed to various environments throughout the day. This routine is her way of ensuring she maintains her skin’s health and vitality, which is crucial given her public appearances and performance requirements.

Meditation also plays a key role in her evenings, helping her to centre herself and calm her mind. This practice is a valuable tool for the pop icon, allowing her to find peace and relaxation before heading to bed. It’s a way for her to step away from the hustle and bustle of her career and focus inwardly, ensuring she’s mentally prepared for the next day.

Beyond self-care, Dua places a high value on spending quality time with loved ones in the evenings. Whether it’s cooking a meal together or simply catching up, these moments are precious to her. They offer a chance to reconnect with those close to her, share experiences, and relax in a comfortable, personal setting. This balance of self-care and personal time is key to her routine, helping her maintain her well-being amidst a demanding career.

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