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Gennady Golovkin: Daily Routine

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Punching power in boxing is a funny thing. While there are certainly ways boxers can train and hone their skills to accumulate more power in their punches, it seems like some people are just born with heavy hands — George Foreman, Deontay Wilder and Roberto Durán (who had the nickname “Hand of Stone”) to name a few.

For Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin (aka GGG), the discovery that he possessed tremendous punching power in his hands came early in his life. “From the beginning, when my brother Vadim first took me to the boxing gym at 10, I was able to punch hard and the coach always put me with older boys because of that,” he told The Telegraph.

While there are just inexplicable factors you can attribute for Golovkin’s tremendous knockout power and unparalleled boxing record — 350 amateur fights, 41 pro fights, 35 KOs with only one loss, and no recorded knock downs ever — one thing is certainly clear, and that’s his dedication to the craft of boxing and work ethic. It’s what made him the most feared middleweight boxer in history, not named Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

During a training camp for an upcoming fight, Golovkin’s daily routine finds him waking up in Big Bear, California, at 5am every day. At 6am, Golovkin and his training camp team will begin their morning run, jogging three to four and a half miles every day (nine miles on Saturdays), then doing some stretches and core work.

Following his morning training routing, Golovkin will have breakfast and rest before his 3pm training session. In an interview with GQ, Golovkin talked about a typical training camp diet:

I drink lots of water all day. Breakfast, I will have oatmeal, eggs and juice, all flavors. I will have a smoothie after working out with whole foods, no supplements or powders. Lunch, I will have grilled chicken, potatoes and a salad with ranch dressing. I will have another smoothie after the run. Dinner is steak, mixed vegetables and a potato. I eat until I am full.

The Real-Life Diet of Gennady Golovkin | GQ

Gennady Golovkin’s training camp routine

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Golovkin will typically be sparring, doing heavy bag work or hitting the mitts with his trainer. Tuesdays and Thursdays are spent on strength and conditioning work.

“I’ve been using rigorous isolation drills to strengthen my whole body. We’ve also done a lot of weighted neck crunches and chin pushups,” Golovkin said, describing his training routine to Muscle & Fitness. “The best is when my brother, Max, comes to train with me before almost every fight. We work out together and he pushes me.”

In a 2016 interview, Golovkin’s former trainer Abel Sanchez elaborated on the boxer’s strength and conditioning routine, “We use bands. When you go to a rehabilitation centre and you’ve broken your shoulder, you use rubber bands to make you stronger. We use bands like that, because the tension in them is a lot more.”

Sanchez also acknowledges that while his strength and conditioning system has been able to help Golovkin’s power, the boxer was already blessed with deadly knockout skills, “I’m fortunate that he came to me with heavy hands. We’ve been able to develop that even more.”

For someone who is famous for his aggressive “Mexican style” of boxing, Golovkin is also a big fan of the country’s cuisine.

I love eating Mexican food. There is a restaurant in Big Bear, Hacienda. We eat there several times every week. I like the red salsa, the ribs, shrimp and chicken. I will eat steak once or twice every week. I won’t eat bread, sweets or junk. No sodas. When I am not training I love steak. Lots of steak.

Here’s How Powerful Pro Boxer Gennady “GGG” Golovkin Starts His Day | Highsnobiety

For Golovkin, no matter where he is in the world, every day begins and ends with a phone call to his wife, Alina Golovkina, and their two children. Family plays a big part in his routine; it’s where his motivation comes from, “When I wrap my hands, I do it for my family. I owe my courage to them and also my success. That’s why I fight.”

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