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Hailey Bieber: Daily Routine

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Back in March earlier this year, Hailey Bieber was experiencing stroke-like symptoms and had to be taken to hospital. In a YouTube video after the incident, the American model revealed that she had suffered from a transient ischemic attack, commonly known as a mini-stroke, and had to undergo emergency heart surgery.

A couple of months later, Hailey’s husband, Justin, announced that he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a condition that resulted in half of his face being paralysed. With no indication on how long it would take for him to recover, the Canadian singer had to cancel all of his live shows and appearances as a result.

With the couple both experiencing health scares in a short period of time, they subsequently made major lifestyle changes in order to let their bodies heal. However, despite the stress that their conditions have brought into their lives, Hailey told Good Morning America that it has brought them closer together.

“Going through it very publicly in front of a lot of people, it kind of almost in a way forces you to have to just be upfront about what’s going on so people understand what you’re going through, and I actually think it opened up a lot of really important and amazing conversation,” she said in her appearance on the show.

“And I think the silver lining of it, honestly, is that it brings us a lot closer ‘cause you’re going through this together. You’re being there for each other, you’re supporting each other and there’s just something that really bonds you through these times.”

Hailey Bieber’s daily routine

On a typical day, Bieber is up by 8am every morning and is usually working out within an hour. Her go-to breakfast is an Ezekiel English muffin with sliced avocado, lemon, salt and pepper, but if she wanted to treat herself, “I’d do chocolate chip pancakes and bacon and two eggs over medium, with a side of hash browns,” she told Marie Claire.

When it comes to her workout routine, Bieber is a big fan of Pilates. “I’ve been doing hot Pilates for years now,” she said in an interview with Vogue Australia. “I find that when you do any hot class your muscles are more pliable and you’re stretched out easier. You come out dripping in sweat and my face is like a tomato and it’s good for your skin! I love it! I’m obsessed and it’s addictive.”

In addition to hot Pilates, she also enjoys some high intensity work in the gym. “I really like boxing for cardio,” she told Women’s Health. “And I’ll do a couple of sessions a week in the gym, weight training and cardio.”

For her lunch, Bieber likes to keep it light — usually a salad with fish and grilled vegetables, or a sandwich. “I love a good kale Caesar salad [but with] no croutons,” she told Elle. “That’s usually one thing I leave out.” Dinner is usually similar to lunch. Bieber makes sure she’s sipping on water throughout the day to stay hydrated — she typically consumes a couple of bottles per day.

Things look different if it’s a cheat day. “A cheat day for me, the first thing that I crave, I’ll eat,” she revealed. “That’s my rule. So if I wake up and I want pancakes, I’m gonna eat pancakes. If I want a cheeseburger for lunch or for dinner, I’m gonna eat it. If I want fries, I’m gonna eat the fries.”

Self-care rituals

Even before her health scare this year and subsequent lifestyle changes, the model has always prioritised self-care in her daily routine.

Self-care comes in a lot of different forms for me. I’m very big on taking care of my body, so exercising is a big one. But it could also be something like acupuncture and cupping, seeing a chiropractor—which I’m really into—keeping yourself aligned physically, too. Things that are more intricate or intense, like therapy, are also helpful. It might be as simple as taking a bath, or spending time outside. I am trying to force myself to take more walks. Or it could be a great cup of coffee in the morning.

Hailey Bieber Won’t Give Up on Her Retinoid, No Matter How Painful It Is | W Magazine

Some of the staples in Bieber’s self-care ritual include breath exercises (which she learnt from Justin), getting enough sleep, skincare and meditation for her anxiety. She told Grazia that she had read a book called Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation which helped her a lot with learning how to deal with anxiety. “It was all about having different visualizations and breathing techniques to help with mental state, depression, and anxiety,” she said.

To wrap up her day, and as part of her evening self-care routine, likes to have a candlelit bath with bath salts. “I think Epsom salt is really good for detoxing your body and your muscles,” she said. “I might throw on a little face mask and hang.” After her bath, she’s usually in bed by 9pm to watch a movie before going to sleep. Occasionally she’ll take a melatonin gummy to help her relax.

We try to have a rule where once we get in bed and the TV’s on, we’re off our phones for the rest of the night—unless it’s urgent or we’re setting an alarm. I’m trying to break the habit of being on the phone right before bed. I know it’s not healthy for your brain. Honestly, my favorite thing is either to get in bed and watch a good show or movie, or just talk away until I’m tired.

24 Hours With Hailey Bieber | Marie Claire

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