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Myles Turner: Daily Routine

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Myles Turner, the towering centre for the Indiana Pacers, stands out not just for his defensive prowess on the court but also for his disciplined and meticulously structured daily routine. This seasoned NBA player’s transformation in diet and fitness habits reflects his dedication to meeting the high demands of professional basketball.

In his initial NBA years, the Pacers’ star’s diet mirrored that of many young athletes.  Reflecting on this period, Turner told GQ, “I was big on Popeyes, and I sometimes ate that right before a game.” This diet was initially sustainable due to the resilience of youth, but as the game’s pace quickened, he noticed its toll on his body. 

“In my third year in the League, I started putting on a lot more weight, and I was getting tired much quicker on the floor,” he shared with GQ. This realisation sparked the beginning of a transformative journey, one that involved a complete overhaul of his diet and exercise routines.

Diet Transformation

Adopting a healthier lifestyle marked a significant shift for the Pacers’ center.  His new diet regimen underscores the importance of proper nutrition in maintaining peak athletic performance. For breakfast, Turner opts for a combination of egg whites, turkey sausage or bacon, and oatmeal with fruit, providing a balanced mix of protein and healthy carbs to start the day. Lunch typically comprises a light chicken salad, aligning with his aim to keep carbohydrate intake in check. Dinner is where he prefers fish and white meats, with an occasional indulgence in red meat and sugar, albeit in moderation.

His philosophy on nutrition resonates with the high standards expected of an elite athlete. As he described in his interview with GQ, “The way you fuel your body is important… You have to put the best stuff to keep it running smoothly.” This approach has not just been about cutting out unhealthy foods; it’s about understanding and respecting the body’s needs for optimal performance.

However, even the most disciplined athletes have their indulgences, and Turner is no exception. When it comes to cheat meals, he doesn’t hold back his cravings for a classic American treat. “I’m a sucker for a good burger—even just a straight, greasy, fatty burger,” Turner admitted to GQ. This candid confession highlights the balance Turner maintains between strict dietary discipline and allowing himself the occasional guilty pleasure, a balance that is crucial for mental as well as physical well-being.

Myles Turner’s Workout Routine

Turner’s commitment to physical fitness extends beyond the basketball court, embracing a variety of training methods to enhance his agility, strength, and longevity in the sport. A pivotal component of his workout regimen is yoga, a practice he initially dismissed but later embraced for its profound benefits. 

In his conversation with GQ, the Pacers player emphasised the importance of yoga in his routine, stating, “Being able to lengthen and strengthen my muscles that way…was big for me.” This practice has been instrumental in improving his flexibility and reducing the risk of injuries, crucial for a player of his stature and playing style.

In addition to yoga, Turner has diversified his training with CrossFit and Soul Cycle. These high-intensity workout programs complement his on-court activities by building endurance, cardiovascular health, and overall strength. The incorporation of such varied training methods demonstrates Turner’s holistic approach to fitness, understanding that a multi-faceted regimen is essential for peak physical performance in the demanding world of professional basketball.

Game Day Routine

A typical game day for the NBA star begins with adequate rest, underscoring the importance of sleep in an athlete’s life. He shared with GQ, “I sleep until about 10, get up, and make sure I have a nice breakfast.” This routine is not just about resting the body but also about fueling it with the right nutrients to sustain energy levels throughout the game.

Post-breakfast, Turner focuses on mental preparation and strategy, which includes watching film. This aspect of his routine is crucial for understanding the opposition and revising tactics. Following this, he indulges in a pre-game nap, a ritual that helps him to rejuvenate and mentally prepare for the impending physical exertion. “I try and sleep for about an hour and a half,” he explained.

Turner’s arrival at the facility is well-timed, allowing him ample opportunity for a thorough warm-up and any necessary treatment. This pre-game phase is critical for injury prevention and ensuring that his body is primed for the high-intensity activity ahead.

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