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A Day in the Life: Communications Manager

For our Day in the Life series, we look at the daily work habits, schedules and routines from people in a variety of roles and careers around the world.

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Ngaire Moyes, Senior Director, Brand Marketing and Communications, EMEA and LATAM at LinkedIn

Ngaire Moyes is the Senior Director, Brand Marketing and Communications at LinkedIn, where she is responsible for building the brand and protecting its reputation across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Given the international nature of my role, I do a fair bit of travelling around the region and also to our California HQ in the US. When I’m in London and working from the office on a Monday, I commute in, and once there, a typical day would involve grabbing some breakfast from our café, before settling down to the day’s work.

This might include a meeting with my EA to review my schedule for the week ahead, a staff meeting with my direct reports many of whom are based in different countries and dial in via video conference to discuss the key priorities for the week.

From there my day might include a review of our social impact strategy for example, an interview with a candidate for a role on the team, a monthly global brand team meeting to review the latest creative for a campaign we have coming out soon, a quick catch up on a live PR issue and hopefully a bit of time to respond to email.

If I’m lucky I might finish my day off with a cardio dance glass at the gym (which always puts me in a great mood!) before commuting home, having a late dinner with my husband and some very brief time with my kids to hear about their day before getting them off to bed. I might get an hour of Netflix before bed or respond to a bit more email.

Jaclyn Fellows, Senior Communication Officer at Jobs Queensland

Jaclyn Fellows is the Senior Communication Officer at Jobs Queensland, which provides strategic advice to the government on jobs, skills, training and the workforce.

At a high level, my days are variable and flexible, which suit my working style and preferences to a tee. I’m also under no illusion as to how fortunate I am to have to have this kind of autonomy in the workplace (home or otherwise). 

Where I do like to bring in some structure is through the type of work I do at various points throughout the day. 

For example, I like to start a bit later in the mornings because I know my productivity peaks after lunch time and I can really power home for those afternoon hours. 

I also prefer to tend to more organisational and focused tasks first up, like emails and editing, and then ride my ‘creative high’ in the afternoons when working on content writing, narrative production and tasks that are heavily conceptual. 

We have a daily team meeting (online) at 10am too, so that opportunity for personal connectivity and non-work check-ins really helps to balance out the rest of the day when I’m usually deep in thought!

Vanessa Cremona, Communications & Brand Manager, Asia-Pacific Japan at Rackspace Technology

Vanessa Cremona is the Communications & Brand Manager for Asia-Pacific Japan at managed cloud computing company Rackspace Technology.

I chase the sun a lot with my role. I may start the day talking to my US counterparts via zoom, I often have early check-ins with my Director in Singapore, then I can be working on any amount of customer stories, blogs, presentations, awards, or video campaigns. My day often ends working on internal comms with calls to the EMEA.

I also manage multiple PR teams across the region. Having them there to be sounding boards and ask questions helps me to focus and ensure we’re ticking the boxes we need to across APJ – they are my lifesavers.

Managing brand and communications across APJ throws up some crazy situations, requires a lot of patience and mostly a love of learning, not just the tech, but how to work within a variety of cultures.

During COVID-19 I’ve also had a comms assistant in the form of my 4-year-old son. He is on hand to amuse Rackers, customers and our partners with his on-camera performances – He’s great with a harmonica. I’ve had my team amuse him by setting their zoom virtual backgrounds to Bluey, singing to him or pulling faces while I explain next steps in campaigns etc. It’s never boring.

It would be very easy for each and every day to slide into complete chaos, but in the end, it’s about smiling and pulling it all together.

Carey Bodenheimer, Director of External Communications at PwC

Carey Bodenheimer is the Director of External Communications at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and a former journalist who spent most of her career at CNN.

Typically, my day begins early, because I live in California a lot of my coworkers are on the East Coast. That means I am logged in and in my chair around 7am. 

Generally speaking, I have a calendar full of meetings with partners and stakeholders, strategy sessions with my team, as well as interviews with journalists from around the globe.

I make a concerted effort to separate ‘manager time’ from ‘maker time’ most days. That allows me to set aside time for creative thinking, problem solving, writing and occasionally, contemplation. 

All that said, busy mornings can often mean I get some leeway in the afternoons when things quiet down.

A recent day started at sunrise to facilitate a call with a journalist in the UK and one of our supply chain experts. 

After a full day of meetings, my work day ended after 6pm in California with a truly inspiring conversation among my colleagues about the systemic racial bias in the US and what actions we, as individuals and as a firm, can take to make a difference.

Zoe Walsh, Senior Communications Manager at Crown Resorts

Zoe Walsh is the Senior Communications Manager at Crown Resorts, one of Australia’s largest entertainment groups.

No two days are the same, which I love.

At the moment my days are filled with meetings to get to know key people across the business, regular internal meetings with my team to ensure we are on track with various campaigns and actions, brainstorms to get our creative juices flowing and developing media plans and strategies for Crown Sydney, whilst supporting the Melbourne team where needed.

Grace Gabriel, Brand & Communications Manager at SUEZ

Grace Gabriel is the Brand & Communications Manager for SUEZ Australia & New Zealand, one of the leading companies in smart, sustainable resource management solutions.

In a nutshell, my work is focused on helping people – both inside and outside of the business – understand who SUEZ is, what we stand for and why we matter. While the work varies each day, I think what is typical of each day is:

  • Looking for those stories/communicating the stories that really make our business shine
  • Constantly talking about our purpose – and making sure that all our efforts align with that purpose!

I admittedly don’t get to do this everyday, but I also try to learn a little bit more about the business and the people that I work with.

It’s not just because I’m curious about people and their stories, but I think it’s the only way to make sure the brand is represented and embodied across the business.

On a very practical sense, I always make time for lunch away from my desk. And speaking of desks, I am trying (unsuccessfully) to use the stand up desk.

Slavica Habjanovic, Communications Manager Asia at Hassell

Slavica Habjanovic is a Hong Kong-based Communications Manager Asia at Hassell, an international design practice with studios in Australia, China, South East Asia, UK and US.

My day begins sometimes with yoga, but if not – I generally have a smoothie, read emails, list priorities for the day and get to work by 9.30am (Hong Kong goes to bed late and gets up late by other city standards). 

Then I’ll scan headlines – like our internal daily Covid report and always the NY Times, South China Morning Post, and one European publication, as well as a few design platforms.

The rest of the day is always varied – there are check ins with my team across Asia and Australia and lots of meetings with the design teams, but I need to make sure there are blocks of time left for creative work and ideation. 

On any given day, I could be could be working on content, strategy, media management, planning, client engagement, reviewing team members’ work, helping on client submissions, internal communications, and these last months, a lot of crisis management. 

During the day, I sometimes do some breathing or meditation exercises or take time out to read reports or content from across the industry.

Most days I try and finish by about 7pm, sometimes earlier, sometimes later – depending on whether we’re on a big push for something or if I’m on a roll. 

Then it’s usually exercise (4-5 times per week), followed by events, dinner with friends, and catch up with friends and family around the world in different timezones and social media. 

Writing and working on my own projects is important to me, as is reading and I feel unhappy if I haven’t done at least one of the two every few days.

Edelle Gettings, PR & Communications Manager at Wunderman Thompson

Edelle Gettings is the PR & Communications Manager at Wunderman Thompson, where she leads external and internal communications across the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth offices.

Every day is different. It’s why I try to stick to a weekly outlook, rather than a daily routine. 

But usually by 7:30 am, I’m out of bed and walking to get my coffee. I am not one to be up at 6 am, coffee in hand and a workout already complete – it’s unrealistic for me as someone who needs nine hours of sleep to function like a normal person. 

Once I’m back at my apartment, I’ll quickly scan my emails for anything urgent. 

Being in PR means you can easily fall into a rabbit hole of content – it can get overwhelming the amount of news out there. For me, it’s important that I only use the first half of my mornings reading.

I catch up on the local and global industry publications, as well as Australian business news. Then a quick scan of more in-depth publications like Harvard Business Review, Mckinsey, plus Wunderman Thompson research globally.  

From here, every day can be different. Whether it’s wider-business meetings, writing press releases for new campaigns, proofreading in-depth thought pieces, creating content for our social channels or helping craft case studies for new business. 

With everyone WFH nationally, there has been a shift in priorities from external communications to employee communications, as well as helping manage virtual events for our employees and clients. 

By the time 5 pm rolls around, I’m catching up on emails and whatever news that day brought. I’m signed off by 6 pm, I head to yoga and use my nights to relax (making sure I watch some trashy TV).

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