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A Day in the Life: Digital Marketing Manager

For our Day in the Life series, we look at the daily work habits, schedules and routines from people in a variety of roles and careers around the world.

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Raisa Lorenzana, Digital Marketing Manager at (The Hut Group)

Raisa Lorenzana is the Digital Marketing Manager at, part of The Hut Group, where she manages the strategies across all customer touchpoints.

Every workday is different for me. The constants would be my 7:00am wake-up time and my 7:00pm dinner. I can’t even give you a set bedtime; sometimes I sleep at 11pm and other nights at 2am.

In the morning, I power through the urgent business-as-usual stuff. Each morning, I review our sales and marketing performance the day before, check how we’re tracking today, and ensure that everything is set up for the following day. I’m always on our real-time Google Analytics dashboard to track customer movements on our site, purchases by hour, and trending searches.

After I’ve had lunch in the afternoon, I switch from this short-term view to a critical long-term POV. For me, this means reviewing and optimising activity on each channel. What’s working well for us? Where do we want to improve and what needs to change for this to happen?

A lot of my time here will be spent analysing onsite data, planning next month’s trade, or brainstorming creative campaigns for brand building.

During my hour-long commute home from 5:30pm, I hit up an audiobook or flick through PressReader (my favourite app investment this year) to stay updated with international news and trends. There are always new developments across all markets and that I need to be across, so reading regularly is a must.

I’m a night owl and my evenings are always fun. My fiancé and I have similar hobbies, so we’ll usually cook dinner, hit the gym for 1-2 hours, and close the day with video games or a flick.

Genevieve Cassan, Freelance Digital Marketing Manager

Genevieve Cassan is a freelance digital marketing manager, who has spent the past 10 years working in Canada, France and Australia across a variety of marketing roles.

A typical workday usually starts around 6:30am when the alarm goes off, which gives me an hour and a half before I have to leave for work.

I start off by making myself a large bowl of latte, which I slowly sip while answering messages and calls from my family and friends that live overseas.

I also always make sure to have breakfast or grab something on the go because I like taking late lunches and the first half of my day is usually the busiest.

Once I hop on the train, I start checking my agenda and scrolling through new emails so I get a better sense of what my day will look like. That’s when I start ticking things off my daily to-do list! My mornings are either packed with team meetings, busy implementing campaigns, or both.

While people start going out for lunch around noon, I prefer to continue working as I concentrate better when the open space is less crowded. I usually eat out as I like getting some fresh air and a change a scenery; I need a proper break. I come back from lunch between 2 and 3pm and dedicate my afternoons to strategic planning, reporting and finding ways to improve.

Working in the digital space means I sometimes encounter technology issues and somehow those tend to happen towards the end of the day. The joys of helping to solve a problem at 5pm on a Friday! I’m sure a lot of you can relate!

Sophie Crenigan, Digital Marketing Manager at LEP Digital

Sophie Crenigan is the Digital Marketing Manager at LEP Digital, a digital content marketing agency based on the Central Coast of NSW. On the side, she also works as a freelance copywriter.

I’m currently the digital marketing manager at LEP Digital, a content marketing agency based on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

I primarily design, oversee and implement digital marketing strategies for a variety of clients and work closely with a team of fellow marketers, content producers and creatives.

Our clients work across a range of industries – everything from tech start-ups and financial institutions right through to real estate, fashion and lifestyle.

Audrey Neale, Digital Marketing Manager at Wisr

Audrey Neale is the Digital Marketing Manager at Wisr, Australia’s first neo-lender and fintech pioneer in the rapidly growing Australian consumer finance market.

m currently Digital Marketing Manager at Wisr, a purpose-led fintech that is committed to financial wellness for all Australians.

It’s a really exciting role for me because the company is in growth mode and there’s a lot happening which I can be involved in and help shape.

Every day is different, but some constants are around content creation, copywriting, and helping to optimise conversion points throughout our customer journey.

We recently launched an app which helps Aussies pay down their debt, so it’s a pretty cool product to create ideas around.

Stephanie Quine, Digital Marketing Manager at Actuaries Institute Australia

Stephanie Quine is the Digital Marketing Manager at Actuaries Institute Australia, the sole professional body for actuaries in Australia.

I’m Digital Marketing Manager at the Actuaries Institute. Most people have never heard of an actuary so – promoting the work of this tiny profession – is a good challenge.

Broadly, I plan and publish content that builds brand awareness and engages our (5000+) members. This is mainly through websites, including an online magazine, events campaigns and social media platforms.

I work with a team of volunteer Editors to source and review articles, and collaborate with freelance videographers, animators and copywriters on content and creative projects. My team recently launched a Podcast Channel which gained 20,000+ listens from 50 episodes, which I’m quite proud of.

Actuaries look at the financial risk attached to “future uncertain outcomes” and the Institute leads research into the long-term impacts of things like genetic testing, climate change, big data and mental health, on insurance. It can be complex and technical, but as a trained journalist, I love translating the news angle and spotting a ‘golden grab’.

Day to day, my team supports all the internal business units including the Board, Events, Public Policy, Education and Member Services team.

We send targeted communications out, and report on engagement using platforms like Google Analytics, SurveyMonkey, Campaign Monitor and YouTube.

Brittany Innes, Digital Marketing Manager at Status Anxiety

Brittany Innes is the Digital Marketing Manager at Status Anxiety, an Australian fashion brand specialising in fine leather goods.

It really varies throughout the week based on what’s coming up. But as an example of my day today, I got into the office around 7:30am and started it off with a coffee. Nothing would get done without it.

After that I read through and respond to my emails and dedicate some time to read through any articles or blogs that I’m subscribed to that help me stay up-to-date on digital or industry trends.

We launched a new website a little over a month ago so I’m still working very closely with our development agency to get some post-live tasks launched to further improve our UX and CRO so this has been taking priority for me over the last couple of months.

Then throughout the day I was juggling keyword research and content optimisation for our SEO performance, planning out the marketing budget for the next quarter, setting up social media paid campaigns, curating content for our socials, catching up with the team, and reaching out to media.

Then I’ll be out of the office by 4:30-5pm. I always make sure that I take my lunch break each day as well and go for a walk for some fresh air and downtime from the screen.

I’m very fortunate to work close by the water in the southern suburbs of Sydney so a walk at lunch is just what I need for a bit of R&R before tackling on the rest of the day.

Jade Hall, Digital Marketing Manager at Weaving Weblets

Jade Hall is the Digital Marketing Manager at Weaving Weblets, a full service advertising agency based in Newtown. 

7:00am: Wake up and drink a cup of tea while reading through my emails (for both the agency and my business) and actioning anything urgent.

8:00am: Work on adding Negative keywords and optimising the Google accounts I manage for the agency.

8:30am: With my eyes still on Google Maps assessing the traffic to Newtown, I create daily tasks for myself and the team in Asana for the day whilst also updating clients on the progress of their accounts with the agency.

9:00am: I usually set off to work which takes me around 1.5 hrs.

9:30am: I make any urgent phone calls during the drive to clients or listen to podcasts/Spotify.

10:35am: I arrive at work, check my emails and sit with team members to discuss progress of accounts and action any work to be done.

11:00am: Depending on the projects in the pipeline, my day can alter entirely, from meetings, phone calls, proposal writing, content writing, website auditing, PPC work, reporting, SEO work, competitor research, social media management, integrations of current CRM systems, email marketing etc.

2pm: Lunch time.

3:00pm: Ensuring that all my tasks are completed as well as checking on team members progress on projects scheduled.

5:30pm: Here, I usually make sure that I am completing 30mins-1hr of training a day, if I am too busy, I complete this at home and work on the urgent tasks for the agency.

6/6:30pm: I usually leave the office to head home (traffic is usually better at this time!)

7:30/8pm: Once home, I usually spend 1hr-2hrs a night on my business depending on the urgency/size of the project while eating dinner.

10pm: Meditate.

10:30pm: Sleep.

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