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A Day in the Life: Head of Marketing

For our Day in the Life series, we look at the daily work habits, schedules and routines from people in a variety of roles and careers around the world.

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Amber Dermoudy, Head of Marketing at

Amber Dermoudy is the Head of Marketing at, a platform supporting the practitioner community through education and patient services. 

My first morning alarm at 4am is one that is not easily ignored – my cat, Leonardo DiCatrio. After switching on a Calm soundscape to help me get back to sleep, I’m awake again around 7am for my morning run.

Run complete, my partner is cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast before we both kick off the day around 8.30am in our (pink) shared home office. 

From here, each workday looks quite unique, but is always busy and interesting. Outside of meetings, you’ll find me working away on the various aspects of our 2021 marketing plan as well as implementing dedicated refreshes for social and email and pulling together the finishing touches on our new loyalty program due to launch in the new year. 

I’ve stepped into a newly created role, so while there is a lot of work to be done and I’m wearing many hats, that’s just how I like it. 

Peter Knox, Head of Marketing at Book Highlight

Peter Knox is the Head Of Marketing at Book Highlight, a Brooklyn-based full service agency that specializes in marketing and sales strategy for authors.

What I love about my job is that every day is different and I really mean that. It mirrors the way I live in NYC – every single day is always special and unique depending on who I interact with during it. 

I’ll talk to a few prospective clients, work on several active projects/campaigns, and be talking constantly to my team over text and calls. 

It’s great that video calls have become normalized, as we’re all in front of our computers but suddenly connected across time zones and countries as we’re discussing opportunities related to the book everyone is focused on at any given moment.

I’ll walk to my private office in Industry City, Brooklyn, as I talk to my counterpart on the phone. Then as soon as I sit down at my desk, I’m able to check in on every client. Then I’ll work on whatever project is the priority while I fit in my scheduled calls and emails. 

Picking where to eat lunch is hard with so many vendors in the building to choose from, then I’m back at it until I close it up, walk home, and join my family for dinner together. Sometimes, like now, I’m back on after everyone but me goes to bed.

Christine Yoon, Head of Marketing at Mosh

Christine Yoon is the Head of Marketing at Mosh, an online men’s health clinic making treatment more affordable, accessible and normal than ever.

How I start and finish my day during the week are on a routine. I usually get up around 6am to go for a run listening to my audiobook followed by a quick dip in the ocean – it shocks my body awake and I absolutely love it. 

At night after work, I’m back home with my partner and our small joy is to cook dinner using a main ingredient that’s already in the fridge or the pantry. It’s like our daily puzzle to mix and match leftovers to invent something new – we call it ‘fridge mining’. We then catch up with our family over video calls and watch shows together on TV.

When it comes to work, I’d say it’s a lot more dynamic! No single day is the same and rarely does it go as planned (the joy of being at a startup) but I can still try to give you an example:

At Mosh, we always kick off our day with a standup which lets everyone share what they’re working on and ask for any support needed from the team. This way we ensure we’re all running in the same direction.

Then I’d check the previous day’s business and marketing performance metrics – we either get to celebrate the wins with the team (smoothies getting shouted by Mosh co-founders) or huddle to make a game plan on how to make today a better day.

Then it’s full on ACTION for me – I go through all my emails and go on to my Trello board to start working down the list of to-dos. This may include things like: 

  • working with the creative agency and media partners on Mosh 2021 brand and comms strategy
  • interviewing candidates for a few open roles as Mosh marketing team grows
  • directing a new TVC for an in-house designer
  • writing a pitch to media networks for broadcast opportunities
  • working on a new web UX design per our CRO analyses
  • setting up a customer survey to get feedback
  • revising marketing automation workflows
  • having many exploratory calls about various partnership and collaboration opportunities.

Brianna Ragel, Head of Marketing & Communications at Link Housing

Brianna Ragel is the Head of Marketing and Communications at Link Housing, one of the oldest not-for-profit community housing providers in NSW, and now managing 3800 homes across metro NSW.

I enjoy being hands-on in my role, so my days are quite jam-packed. On an average day, I can be found juggling meetings, emails, ad hoc and new service requests, coaching and supporting my team – and then also trying to find time to complete tasks that I am responsible for.

This can be anything and everything from:

  • managing our digital marketing (Google Adwords, e-newsletters, social media, etc)
  • writing and editing content
  • running events
  • designing creative
  • pitching and responding to media
  • campaign development
  • interviewing SMEs and clients for our blog
  • fundraising activities
  • supporting our White Ribbon and other staff committees
  • reporting and corporate communications

Matt Kerbel, Head of Marketing & Brand Strategy at Canoo

Matt Kerbel is the Head of Marketing & Brand Strategy at Canoo, a Los Angeles-based company creating electric vehicles available by subscription.

No two days are the same. Lately, much of my focus has been spent on the foundational elements that will set us up for success today and tomorrow – research, positioning, strategy alignment, hiring and resources, marketing technology, partnerships, activation planning and – of course – supporting my team every way that I can.

The common thread is that everything I do has to be something that will help us make informed decisions, take calculated risks, and execute consistently and excellently. We are fortunate to be working on something that is 2 years pre-launch; it’s imperative we do it the “right” way.

Natasha Ritz, Head of Marketing & Communications at Parcelpoint

Natasha Ritz is the Head of Marketing & Communications at logistics startup Parcelpoint, where she leads the marketing strategy in B2B & B2C, supporting retail and eCommerce sales growth.

I head to work to get in by about 8.30am each day as I enjoy getting there just before most the of team does, just to have some quiet time and really settle into the day.

I usually start by writing my listing for the day, looking at my calendar and then cracking on with any major projects. I only come to emails later in the day as I figure, if it’s urgent someone will call.

Then, I’ll come home and every couple of evenings I’ll spend a few hours working on ARNA, building content, editing the website and connecting with people.

Jennifer Thomas, Head of Marketing & Membership at IAB

Jennifer Thomas is the Head of Marketing & Membership at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the peak trade association for online advertising in Australia.

No two days are ever the same – which I love – although every day involves helping my two kids get ready for school and day care, before I head to the office in Surry Hills or settle in at home with my laptop. 

I’m part of a small but mighty team who are always trying new things and I absolutely love that I’m encouraged to push and challenge. 

Day-to-day my focus is engaging with our members on a variety of topics, planning for our next three months ahead and integrating our marketing activities so I spend a lot of time on video calls and working through emails.  By early evening I call it quits and spend time with my family.

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