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A Day in the Life: Marketing Manager

For our Day in the Life series, we look at the daily work habits, schedules and routines from people in a variety of roles and careers around the world.

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Laura Wright, Marketing & Incentive Experience Manager at EVT Incentive Marketing

Laura Wright is the Marketing & Incentive Experience Manager at EVT Incentive Marketing, and Founder of Sand Society, a company which designs and produces sand free towels.

A typical day for me begins at 5.30am, for me morning exercise is key. It has not always been the case however due to my busy lifestyle and love for exercise and fear of missing out on a workout I identified that the only way I could assure I could squeeze it into my day was to get it out of the way first thing in the morning.

Getting your body moving and releasing endorphins in the morning is amazing. I can absolutely feel it on the days (rare occasion) I don’t make it to the gym before work.

I arrive into the office at roughly 8.00am and review my task list and calendar. I religiously enter all required tasks, reminders and project deadlines into my calendar whilst eating breakfast.

I find that to set a productive tone for the day my first 3-5 tasks for the days I make the smaller and ‘easier’ tasks so I can tick them off the list. This is absolutely mind over matter however ticking those initial things off your list in the AM calls for the remainder of the day to be super productive as well of course!

I’ll never skip lunch – it’s my afternoon fuel and most days will step out more a mid-afternoon pick me up walk. My daily goal is to hit 10,000 steps – being in an office job this is quite hard to achieve unless you make a conscious effort however it’s amazing how fantastic a couple of steps and fresh air in the afternoon can make you feel.

My day doesn’t end there, after traveling 1 hour to get home and fuelling up on a healthy home cooked dinner, I open the laptop again to continue working on Sand Society.

This includes building and maintaining the website, fulfilling orders, feeding back to designers/photographers and continuing to work on our overarching marketing strategies and business plan and strategic rollout for the coming months. I try to wrap this up by 10.00pm however that depends on how carried away we get. It’s an exciting time!

Maria Gonzalez, Marketing Manager at Berkley Insurance Australia

Maria Gonzalez is the Marketing Manager at Berkley Insurance Australia, a specialist insurer providing brokers with excellence in service, expertise, security and support.

Currently I am working from home and my days have slightly changed. I try to wake up before my 12 month old at around 5.30 – 6.00 am (depending on how rough the night was with my little one) if I am lucky I will go on a walk on get a yoga session in. 

If my daughter wakes up early or I sleep in I will usually take her on a walk at lunch time. Then it’s pretty much madness trying to make her breakfast while she is trying to climb out of the highchair and throwing what I can on her tray to keep her at bay.

Since I am up early I start my work day around 7.30, it’s a great time to get so much done before the influx of emails, calls or meetings for the day. 

Now working remotely my day includes WebEx meetings and lots of phone calls. BIA has been really active in keeping staff engaged and regularly hold activities to keep different departments connected such as monthly movie club, book club and virtual trivia.

The best thing about my role is that every day is different and this new flexible work life means I can work earlier or later when I need to and not have to worry about the commute and childcare pick-up times.

Natalie Ng, Regional Marketing Manager APAC at Wrike

Natalie Ng is the Regional Marketing Manager APAC at cloud-based collaborative work management platform Wrike, where she is focusing on building brand awareness.

In summary, this is my work day: 

The mornings are for coffee and contemplation, and the afternoons are for ideas and intelligent conversations. Every day, I like to think about new concepts and fun things to help me and the work that I do grow.

As for the in-betweens: 

I’m in conversations with different colleagues across the globe—mornings are usually for the Americans, the day time is for my Aussie and Japanese colleagues, and later in the evenings are for my Russian and Irish team members. 

Different hats for different times of the day. I hope I speak the right languages, at the right time! 

With the bulk of my work, I find myself in my online office, our Wrike platform—creating and executing new projects with my virtual colleagues. We constantly push the envelope and look for new opportunities to expand our presence in the region. I thrive on how dynamic my work is, and it keeps me motivated. 

For when I log off: 

I have a hard-stop for work at 7pm, at the latest (and also because it’s dinner time). I switch off and am present for anything personal. 

Dinner time is sacred. Not only because I am an avid foodie, but also because food gathers my family and friends and it’s time for us to connect. I’m lucky that my fiancé does most cooking so dinner’s usually ready for me, but if it were left to me, every meal would be pasta—I was probably a nonna in my past(a) life.

Trish Patel, Group Marketing Manager at Comexposium

Trish Patel is the Group Marketing Manager at Comexposium, one of the world’s leading event organizers, where she works across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

I’m sure most can attest that not one day ever looks the same in your job!

Pre-COVID I was out the door by 5.30am to get in a gym session before work. Nowadays I start my mornings at 6:45am with a guided meditation before I head out the door for a 30 minute jog around the park followed by a 15 minute yoga session and stretch.

An average Monday would start at around 8.30am with coffee, and going through emails before an hour long meeting with my team across ANZ to discuss each event in our portfolio. 

I work in a small team so communication is vital to really ensure we all know what is going on within the company. The rest of the day is spent planning for the week – looking at run rates across each event, creating a plan to hit targets, re-visiting the media schedule and briefing comms with my designer and copywriter.

I eat lunch at my desk most days (terrible I know) with a salad or a wrap, but I get up frequently to break and get through about 10 cups of tea before the day is out. Mondays always end with a marketing meeting with my manager to discuss what worked, plans for the week ahead and any new ideas.

I aim to be out of the office by 6:00pm at the latest with dinner prepared no later than 7.30pm. Working from home generally sees me work a bit later these days – new ideas, a designer on nights and re-platforming requires a bit more time and effort. 

I’m in bed by 9.30pm latest after a dose of the project, catching up on any emails, a bit of reading and meditation.

Kayla Medica, Marketing Manager at Perkbox

Kayla Medica is the National Marketing Manager at Perkbox, a leading employee experience platform with a big focus on company culture and values.

I oversee every aspect of the Australian marketing, so my day is really varied, from the website, to PR, sales assets, performance marketing, even customer marketing, really everything from start to finish.

My day always started with going through my emails, any relevant news, and looking over the quality and quantity of leads that came in overnight. After that it could be anything! 

Most recently, we’re focusing on refreshing our email marketing, so a lot of my time is spent on that. 

In my personal time, I’ve been experimenting with my morning routine, from waking up earlier to walk the dog on days he doesn’t come to the office with me (we’re dog friendly!) to cooking a more extravagant breakfast to start the day off right. 

At night, I try to do no-screens for an hour or two before bed and read a book. I flip flop between reading fiction and non-fiction. A recent recommendation for the pure experience of reading the book would be S by Doug Dorst and JJ Abrams. 

Tara Clifford, Marketing Manager of Brand & Partnerships at

Tara Clifford is the Marketing Manager of Brand & Partnerships for Australia and New Zealand at online travel agency

If I’m working at home, I usually start my workday between 8:30-9am. Mornings are normally filled with catching up on emails, industry news and actioning anything urgent. I connect with my team regularly throughout the day using our company’s chat platform.

Before COVID, my days normally involved numerous external and internal meetings. However now, like for many others, this routine has transformed with zoom calls and team chats as we adapt to a new way of working.

As I work with colleagues around the world, usually a few times a week we have meetings in the evening from about 6-8:30pm. On those days, I try to exercise mid-morning – noon if possible. Due to the time difference with global teams the afternoons tend to get busier, especially if there’s a major project or campaign.

Before dinner my husband and I enjoy taking our puppy to the local dog park for a run around to keep him (and us) sane. I have also enjoyed cooking and baking a lot more, experimenting with recipes, which also provides a nice mental break from the day. Sometimes I’ll do some work after dinner but if not I’ll try to switch off.

Zoe Wood, Marketing Manager at NuRange Products

Zoe Wood is the Marketing Manager at NuRange Products, one of the leading providers of shade products to wholesale customers both in New Zealand and globally.

I am an early riser and am usually up by 6.15am and out the door to an early F45 gym class. I then head home and get ready for work and try to be online by 7.45/8am to clear my emails and make tweaks to my digital campaigns while having a coffee and eating breakfast. 

I have a daily catch up with my team around 9.30 where we talk about the exciting new brand and project we are working on and assign tasks for the day.

After that, like any marketer, my day is never the same. I jump all over the place from one task to the next however this role is great because I also get to do a bit of business development and help with customer quote requests which I find is helping me learn our products SO quickly!

I break the day up with a 30-minute lunchtime walk or run before eating lunch at my desk and try to wrap up around 4.30pm or 5.30pm at the latest.

After work I like to go Roller Skating on my Impala skates (a hobby I acquired over lockdown) for 30 mins to an hour with some good music to wind down.

Haley Doel, Field Marketing Manager ANZ at Soprano Design

Haley Doel is the Field Marketing Manager, ANZ at Soprano Design, a provider of mobile messaging technology for mobile network carriers.

I’m usually woken by one of our cats around 5.30am and scroll through personal emails and messages from bed. I get up, feed the cats and do some quick chores like hanging out washing, and have breakfast. 

I’ll do a walk of the garden and if I have time, and it needs it, I’ll give it a quick water. I’m currently working from home, so all my meetings are online. This particular day I spent half an hour responding to emails before a meeting with a media company to discuss potential PR activity. 

Then a call with one of our carrier’s in NZ to talk about an upcoming incentive campaign. I’m new in my role, so I have a video call with our VP of marketing in the US, Matt, almost daily. It’s an important time to check-in, find out what others in our team are working on, what I can leverage in ANZ and just general training and feedback. 

At lunch time I went for a quick walk around the block just to stretch my legs and clear my head. 

The afternoon was a weekly call with our sales team to align on sales and marketing activity, a call with one of our contractors who is helping to prep some sales training collateral, a surprise birthday call for a staff member, then a call with our digital team in Barcelona. 

This was probably a slightly busier day for meetings and I felt quite exhausted by the end of the day. I’m studying my MBA at the moment so I usually try to tackle some of this after work and on the weekends, but tonight I instead have a bath and my partner takes over the dinner duties.

Emily Do, Events & Marketing Manager at Commission Factory

Emily Do is the Events & Marketing Manager at Commission Factory, where she works on PR & communications, event management, marketing strategy, and more for the APAC region.

No two days are the same, which is one of the things I love about my role. I always start my day with a morning workout before I kick off my working day at 8 am. 

I will take a day from last week as an example. Before I dove into any emails, I set myself up for the day by checking my schedule and planning my tasks in my calendar.  

At mid-morning, I had a meeting with the management team about the different marketing campaigns and upcoming activities and projects. I am responsible for the set-up of our webinars, from sound and video check to a green screen set-up.

Last week we participated in an industry webinar. After a hearty lunch, I managed our social media channels and blog and coordinated with the SEO team. 

In the afternoon, I always wrap up outstanding action points and emails and set myself up for the next day. Finally, I ended the day with a call with the Awin Global team in the UK.

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