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A Day in the Life: Product Marketing Manager

For our Day in the Life series, we look at the daily work habits, schedules and routines from people in a variety of roles and careers around the world.

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Charlotte Norman, Product Marketing Manager at Cover Genius

Charlotte Norman is the Product Marketing Manager at Cover Genius, a global insurance technology company on a mission to enable the world’s largest e-commerce companies to sell insurance to their global customers.

As any Product Marketer would know too well, there are no two same days, in the life of a PMM.

My morning typical day is as follows:

7:00 am – 7:30 am – HIIT fitness class to help kick start my day and ensure I’m alert.

7:45 am – Start work, I’m a morning person and have my most productive working sessions in the morning. As such, I like to make the most of my morning to maximise my focus and outputs during these peak working times.

8:00 am – 8:30 am – Prioritisation and planning for the day. I’m a huge planner so I like to map out my day, action any urgent emails or slacks which have come in overnight. Given we’re a global company, I will often have some early morning calls with the team during this timeframe.

8:30 am-5:30 pm – Every day will be an assortment of product testing, messaging creation, value prop development, product roadmap refinement, sales enablement, UX testing, customer journey mapping, collateral creation, customer research and GTM development.

I’m fortunate to work in an environment which prioritises desk time so I’m typically only in 2-3.5hrs of meetings per day, which makes it very manageable to output a huge amount of work.

After work, I enjoy winding down with a dance class, a walk home from work, catching up with friends or coming home to cook dinner with my partner and housemate.

Leigh Price, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce

Leigh Price is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce, working on the company’s Marketing Cloud team. Prior to Salesforce, Leigh was the first employee at Amicus Digital, helping grow the business to become the largest independent Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner in Australia.

We’ve all noticed the difference in productivity if we’ve exercised before we start the day – so if the Texas heat permits, I’m usually cycling or jogging before sunrise.

I spend a lot of time working with our internal sales teams to ensure they can position and sell our product effectively. A lot of my focus is also on managing events, working with our internal teams to develop messaging around the products we’re building and producing content.

I’m a remote worker, and am grateful that Salesforce embraces this style of working, and does it really well. We all work fairly flexibly and you’re trusted to get the job done.

Isolation isn’t too much of a problem. I’m on video calls with colleagues throughout the day, regularly catch up with other Austin-based colleagues and spend a lot of time traveling to our offices around the US.

Karim Zuhri, Global Head of Product Marketing & Research at SafetyCulture

Karim Zuhri is the Global Head of Product Marketing & Research at SafetyCulture, an Australian startup helping companies achieve safer workplaces through mobile first products.

I believe in putting first things first and the pandemic/remote work helped me further understand that productivity is very strongly connected to my mental health. I start my day at sunrise with a walk by the water. 

I feel very lucky to live in the eastern suburbs of Sydney with access to Bronte Beach where I kick off my day. The goal of 15,000 steps starts. I then pick up my gym bag and head up for an hour workout, I read some of the international news on the way and organize my schedule for the day. 

I start my work day around 8/8:30, I go through some team planning and decide the one thing I will heavily focus on during the day. This will be my focus area until midday. This tends to be any of my week days aside from Monday where the morning is often to catch up with the team on the week planning. 

Lunch is super important, I make sure I eat healthy with a friend, salads are very often on the menu, followed by a digestive walk and a nice almond latte. 

The afternoon is very often full of short meetings to discuss cross functional programs and align on company initiatives with the different leaders across the business and with the team members. 

I make sure two of the afternoon meetings are walk and talk meetings so I add some steps towards my goal as well as diversify my work environment. This helps me get a lot of positive energy and ideas. 

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