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A Day in the Life: Recruiter

For our Day in the Life series, we look at the daily work habits, schedules and routines from people in a variety of roles and careers around the world.

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Lauren Johnson, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Talent

Lauren Johnson is a Senior Recruitment Consultant at Talent, a tech and digital recruitment agency, where she works with some of Sydney’s top brands and most sought-after talent in the market.

I can genuinely say no two days are the same. I’m extremely fortunate that in my role I’m constantly talking to different people all day long.

Whether it’s working with my clients to establish what a great fit looks like in their business, working with prospective clients to find out their needs and objectives, or acting as a career counsellor to job seekers, my day is spent either on the phone or in a café chatting over a coffee!

And I love it. A typical day for me is spent talking to potential candidates over the phone, headhunting, interviewing candidates, meeting with potential clients and after that try to squeeze in some admin!

It can be tiring always being “on”, but everyone has a different story and different journey and I love being able to help people along this path –whilst also assisting in the growth of businesses by finding those unicorn, needle in a haystack candidates!

Simon Hedt, Talent & Recruitment Lead at IE Company

Simon Hedt is the Talent & Recruitment Lead at IE Company, an innovation company with 17 years’ heritage working with many of Australia’s most progressive organisations.

A typical day includes a number of different elements; usually it begins with a morning ride followed by coffee but work wise my days vary greatly depending on what is happening.

I usually have regular meetings with the various Group Directors and Service Delivery leads to understand who is rolling off a client soon, what new pieces of work are in the pipeline, what do we need to be resourcing for etc.

This is usually surrounded by a range of job-briefings, phone and face-to-face interviews, writing job ads, contracts, general recruitment admin and hopefully negotiating job offers.

I also do a lot of work on the overall recruitment process and candidate experience inducing; creating & documenting new and/or existing processes, creating & curating social content, finding ways of improving our process to not only make it more consistent for candidates and hiring managers but also to make it scalable for the future.

I also report on various recruitment metrics to better understand where we are doing well and what areas need improvement.

Jamie Finnegan, Global Head of Talent at Finder

Jamie Finnegan is the Global Head of Talent at Finder, an Australian comparison website, where he is responsible for hiring across the globe, including the United States, United Kingdom, and more.

Every day is different!

Yesterday, I spent the day reviewing hiring plans with our co-founders, doing a quarterly review of our engagement scores on employer branding platforms and meeting with our internal diversity workgroup.

A recent project we’ve worked on has been creating a video series to showcase Finder’s unique environment that allows the crew to feel comfortable, valued and empowered.

Throughout the week, I work on strategic initiatives such as defining company org structure and implementing the best tools and systems that allow us to deliver this.

I attend as many community and industry events as I can, and I’ve been a key organiser for the Men Championing Change meetups. I also represent Finder to identify opportunities where we can support and sponsor relevant events.

I try to leave at 4:30pm each day so I can do a boxing or circuit class at the gym; it’s a great way to clear my mind after a busy day. I then jump back online for a couple of hours which works well if I have calls with crew across different time zones such as the UK or Poland.

Tamara Tamburic, Creative Recruitment Consultant at Macpeople Australia

Tamara Tamburic is a Creative Recruitment Consultant at Macpeople Australia, creative recruitment agency specialising in design, digital, media, marketing and communications.

I love changing up my routine and constantly learning new things, so I’m happy that there isn’t really a ‘typical day’; each day at work has its own unique spins and its range of different characters to meet and speak with – I’m always kept on my toes!

If I was to delve into a recent workday however, it would involve lots of communication with candidates and clients – over the phone, over email and meeting, going through CV’s and checking out portfolios, keeping updated with the evolving workforce; and essentially being a match-maker.

James Bates, Head of Recruitment at Hyper Anna

James Bates is the Head of Recruitment, APAC at Hyper Anna, an AI powered data platform that delivers business insights from natural language requests.

I think what I love the most about being in fast growth tech companies is that you rarely get 2 days the same. So I try to manage my workdays with that in mind.

Every morning I spend a few minutes re-assessing my day ahead, does everything in my calendar still make sense to do? Do I have enough breathing space in between my most important things? I’m happy to act quickly on these things so my day is then as productive and enjoyable as possible, no matter what new things the day throws at me.

Before work, my commute into the city takes me around an hour on the train, so I get time to listen to podcasts in the morning which help to get me focused on the day.

Podcasts such as Stuff You Should Know and StarTalk Radio get my mind up and running, and then on my commute home in the evening I’ll normally watch something on Netflix which helps me wind down.

Jasmine Wiklander, Talent Consultant at Fulcrum

Jasmine Wiklander is a Talent Consultant at Fulcrum, where she specialises in recruiting for the digital media and digital marketing industry.

I am neither a morning person or an evening person. I am both. I have a lot of energy. So my day starts at around 5:30 in the morning where I go to the gym. 

I like to listen to music in the morning to keep my energy up while I read industry news to get my head in the right mindset whilst I head to work.

When I get to the office I would sit down and start prioritizing my day. I like to plan everything in advance as recruitment can be quite overwhelming and stressful. 

It helps me to stay organized and calm. Once I am organised, we normally have a team meeting on the balcony with a coffee each (I will have a double espresso).

We have a very flexible working-style at Fulcrum. I manage my own work, my own clients, my own candidates and kind of my own business within the business.

Which means that my day can vary from day to day but normally I will start by getting my new business calls/meetings done, move along to manage my current clients needs and the afternoon normally consists of video interviews with candidates. 

We actually have our own 2-way video interview platform called FulcrumVision whereby we video interview all our candidates on behalf of our clients. 

As we do everything digitally, I normally leave the office around 5-5.30pm to head home before the traffic and then I’ll do the last calls and video meetings from home.

In between all this I like to create content for my LinkedIn and company blog. So, my day also consists of shooting content and planning future content.

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