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CBA-Backed Startup, Unloan, Faces Accusations of Overwork and Ambiguous Roles

In a recent revelation reported by Smart Company and initially highlighted by the Australian Financial Review (AFR), Unloan, a digital mortgage venture under the CBA’s x15ventures, is under scrutiny. Former employee, Luke Marraffa-Ives, has taken legal action against the company, alleging excessive work hours and role ambiguity.

Despite having a contract for a 38-hour week, Marraffa-Ives claims he often worked up to 60 hours. He was initially brought on board as a ‘platform and performance manager’ but found himself navigating the responsibilities of additional roles. The confusion didn’t stop there; he asserts that he was sidelined when he raised concerns about his increasing responsibilities and alleges he was overlooked for promotions and later made redundant without proper consultation.

Unloan, while acknowledging the claims, has opted for a reserved stance. A spokesperson mentioned their disagreement with Marraffa-Ives’ allegations but stated it would be inappropriate to comment further given the ongoing legal process.

The directions hearing for this case is set for September 26.

BTG’s Take:

At Balance the Grind, we firmly believe in the importance of clear communication, defined roles, and upholding work-life balance. Regardless of the outcome of this case, it’s a potent reminder for companies, especially startups, to ensure that ambition doesn’t overshadow the well-being of employees. A thriving company culture is one that supports its team, ensures transparency, and truly values work-life harmony.

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