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Financial Planning and Mental Health

You are probably wondering how these two interrelate. It can be a bit of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

It’s not uncommon for people to be carrying a mental illness like anxiety, depression, bi-polar and other forms while still operating as a high-performing executive or business owner.  In some cases, it may even be a form of undiagnosed mental illness. 

It’s only when you get home that you have the freedom to leave your professional self at the door and let your hair down.   

It’s when you relax that the other side of you is on full display. You might be a great decision-maker in your working career, but in your personal life, you’re all over the place. 

This shouldn’t be all that surprising. There is only a certain amount of energy you have each day, week, month or year.  It’s not uncommon for high-flyers to use all of that battery power in the office, meaning that their personal life suffers. 

Utilising an adviser to help make rational and reasonable decisions while also taking the pressure off you to make big decisions without all the info can be a game changer. More than this, this can allow you to focus on yourself and increase the quality of your life – and those around you.  

It’s the little details about life we often miss, but if we miss too many little details, these can compound and cause larger cracks later in life – leading to more serious unwanted problems.  

Think about your current seemingly small problems and now extrapolate and compound them over five years and then ten years.  

How does life look?  Not great.  

We have so much to do and only a certain amount of energy and headspace. Just as you would in a business context, look to outsource the things you can, allowing you to increase your quality of life by focusing on what really matters – your health and the relationships around you. 

Seek out an adviser today and share the responsibility.