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Meet the Founders Mobilising Kindness in Companies Across Australia

It all started as a small idea… the power of purpose drove this into a movement that couldn’t have been imagined. Introducing

New beginnings, corporate kindness is a community connection platform driving the Good Human Economy ™. It is re-launching across Australia this year following a rebrand and UX design update.

The kindness marketplace, created by British-born single mum Lisa Hollinshead, with Aussie Chris Ingate has been developed to help connect our communities across Australia. The need for the app is arguably more prevalent than ever, as the cost-of-living crisis shows no signs of slowing down.

Founders Chris and Lisa have worked tirelessly over the past four years to make their vision more connected communities across the world come to life. In 2023 they added a corporate connection SAAS platform to their vision board. Their mission is simple: To mobilise workforces across Australia to give back and utilise their corporate volunteering days in a way which suits them.

Listening to feedback

They asked their community for feedback. It became apparent that not everyone wants to give a gold coin donation, run a marathon or support a food bank (although, it has to be said that many do!). It overwhelmingly showed that employees wanted to give back and utilise their volunteering days, but didn’t have a clue where to start.

That’s where OneAnother comes into play. Chris said: “Through our corporate kindness workshops I discovered that it isn’t a failing on the desire to give back amongst employees. It is often a barrier to entry. They have no idea where to start, how to approach a chosen cause or charity. When they do find an initiative or cause/ charity they want to help, there isn’t the right fit for them in terms of opportunities. Or it does’t fit in with their work hours or rota.

The FREE Mobile App

The FREE mobile app is calling on Aussies to come together to drive kindness connections on the platform, with many Aussies doing it tough.

The marketplace connection app is available in all app stores. It works to connect members of communities via Frequent Acts of Kindness© such as kindness coffee catch ups, picking up/ donating groceries or home cooked meals, meeting with members of the community, or even offering pro-bono work to charities and social good organisations.

People can post offers and requests for connection and support. Research shows that people are more inclined to ask for help when they know that there is a community standing by.

In addition to the kindness marketplace for humankind, charities and organisations can post volunteering opportunities on the platform for members to apply to. Police checks can also be uploaded to provide that extra peace of mind for members and organisations looking for volunteers.

Where it all began… was initially created in March 2020 as a response to the looming lockdowns and pandemic sweeping the globe. Lisa was stranded in Spain at the time with her son Albie. Her flight home to Australia was grounded.

A budding entrepreneur, Lisa had previously been selected for the renowned female founder accelerator programme; SheStarts in late 2019. As a result, she was equipped with the skills and network to reach out to the Sydney Start-up community. She issued a ’call to arms’ to build a kindness marketplace. The aim: to ensure that Aussies didn’t feel alone during this scary time.

To Lisa’s amazement, over 250 people reached out. They came together to develop As a collective, over 25,000 hours were donated in kind and $1 million in value to help turn Lisa’s vision into a reality.

Lisa said: “When I reached out to the start-up community when I was stranded in Spain I could never have imagined what would be created. It began as a small idea, which turned into a huge community. We came together with a combined sense of purpose to help others, many of whom were alone and displaced themselves.

“To be able to unleash a new era of OneAnother, is quite honestly just wonderful.I can’t wait to see people connect, and realise that the opportunities to connect really are endless.”

Over the last three years the platform has gone from strength to strength in Australia and recently underwent a brand overhaul in August 2023.

How to get involved

Aussies can download the app from all app stores, or via the desktop platform on the website and begin connecting with members of their local communities straight away.

Corporate organisations of any size, interested in facilitating corporate volunteering days in a fun, engaging and effective way can reach out today via [email protected], or [email protected].

More information, and the desktop app can be found by heading to

About Author

Lisa is a comms professional with 20 years experience. An experienced business builder, Lisa founded in 2020 with a simple mission - to connect our disconnected communities via frequent acts of kindness and giving back.