The Ultimate Strength Workout to do if You Are Prepping for the Fun Run Season

While running is the obvious way to prepare for a fun run, you can up your game immensely by adding some strength training into the mix.

When we run we are on one leg at a time, and most of us have a dominant side. Therefore training both legs individually so both legs work equally makes sense if you are looking to improve your running ability. Additionally, don’t underestimate how hard running can be if you can’t maintain good posture throughout the distance. Training your core and upper body is also a good idea for this specific reason.

Here are some exercises that I would recommend adding to your routine if you are looking to take on a run, such as the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10&5K or the Sydney Marathon this year.

Weighted walking lunges

This is one of the best exercises for runners, as doing a walking lunge ensures you are working both legs separately. Then by holding onto the weights, you need to engage your core and keep your upper body strong which is good for core strength and posture. My pro tip would be to make sure you are distributing your weight evenly so one side of your body is not working harder than the other.

To do this exercise, get two dumbbells at an appropriate weight and hold them in each hand.

Stand straight, engage your core, maintain good posture and look forward so you don’t strain your neck.

Take a step forward, lower into a lunge. As you rise out of the lunge drive your back leg forward and into a lunge. 

Lunge the length of the room, turn around and lunge back

TRX one-leg Squat

This is a great exercise for working your glutes, quads, core and stabilising muscles.

Using a TRX, hold onto the handles. Lift one leg out in front of you, sit back into a squat on your standing leg. Engage all your muscles to stand back up.

Do around 12 reps on one leg before you switch to the other leg

One leg deadlift

This is another great exercise for your hamstring and core.  For this one use a weight dumbbell or kettlebell. 

Step your left foot back, keep your right foot grounded as this will be your standing leg. Hold your weight in your right-hand.

Keeping good posture, bend at the hips and allow your weight to pull you down toward the ground while your left leg kicks behind you. Stop before your weight touches the ground as you want to keep your muscles engaged throughout this whole movement. 

Push through your foot as you right back up to standing. Do 8-10 on one leg before you swap legs


Push-ups are an amazing full body exercise that works your chest, shoulders, core, glutes and even your legs

Start in a plank or a kneeling plant. Have your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart

Lower your check toward the ground then push back up to your starting position. 

Russian twists 

Russian twists are an amazing workout for your entire core, especially your obliques. 

Sit down with your legs bent in front of you. Grab a 4-6kg medicine ball or dumbbell.

Lean back, hold your core in and slowly start twisting side to side with your weight.

To make it harder, lift your feet off the ground as this will force your stabilising muscles to work harder.

These exercises are just some of many that are great for runners. By doing at least 2 strength training workouts a week, it will be great for your bone density,  muscle strength and of course, for improving your run. 

About Author

Ben is the owner and co- founder of Flow Athletic, an incredibly successful yoga and fitness studio based in Paddington. He was also named one of the 2017 ‘Men of Influence’ by Men’s Style magazine and prior to getting into the fitness industry, Ben was a professional NRL player for the Cronulla Sharks and a number of other teams.