How to Stay in Shape when You’re Travelling for Work

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, it can feel like one of the biggest obstacles to doing so is life itself. It’s so easy to get yourself in a position whereby, due to work, you travel all the time. And we all know how that goes – eating fast food, hotel restaurant meals and junk treats ahoy!

However, for those of us who want to get into shape and ensure we don’t wind up in this situation, staying active matters. To help you stay busy when you are on the road, here are some good suggestions for active and fitness tips when you are travelling for work.

Put simply, you are out of your comfort zone. It’s the same as a writer – they like to work in their own defined working zone. When you are used to working in the gym but now have no equipment in the hotel, it can feel alien.

When you are used to preparing meals yourself, you can’t do so in a hotel or on the go. As such, your whole routine gets knocked out of balance.

This is why travelling can be such a hurdle in your journey to staying in shape. To avoid this problem, try and consider the following suggestions;

  • Prepare for the journey – bring fitness clothing with you – exercise clothing is useful whether you just workout in the hotel or you go to a nearby gym or fitness center.
  • Bring equipment with you – a jump rope, resistance band and a roll-up matt all make good places to start.
  • Bring a tablet or smartphone device with you for getting all of your favorite music on the go so you can still workout at your chosen tempo.
  • Take the time to look at maps of the local area you will be staying in, and find the times of gyms and other fitness hotspots. Then you can plan your fitness around opening times to avoid conflicting with work hours.
  • Many hotels come with a gym or have one in the near vicinity. Make the most of this and try to book into a hotel that has a fitness location for you to work out on.
    Since you likely have time to kill during the day before and after work, go for a run. Mark some hotspots and landmarks in the location you are staying and jog to them. It makes a nice scenic route and allows you to explore the city while still keeping fit.
  • Get the TV on and watch whatever you want while doing an exercise like jump ropes, stationary running, star jumps, planks, push-ups etc. each of these are excellent for making you lose hours while you get fit in the hotel room.
  • Even when it comes to food, you can make a trip to a local restaurant instead of the hotel – again, it gets you out and about and exploring. You might even find a new recipe or food source that’s good for you and enjoyable at the same time.

Each of the above are simple and accessible suggestions that means your time on the road does not need to become unhealthy!

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