Balancing the Grind with Adam Lubofsky, Founder & CEO at Safewill

In our chat with Adam Lubofsky, the founder and driving force behind Safewill, he opens up about his mission to demystify and simplify will-making for the modern Australian.

Adam’s journey began with a simple curiosity—how to make the daunting task of creating a will as straightforward and essential as any other piece of life admin, like insurance or superannuation. With Safewill, he’s changing the conversation around estate planning, making it accessible, affordable, and, most importantly, approachable for everyone.

Adam, with the complexity of modern life, many find the thought of will-making daunting. How does Safewill intend to change this perception and simplify the process?

Safewill encourages a new attitude to executing a Will, breaking down the taboo of mortality by establishing will-writing as an integral part of everyday life admin. In the same way that we look at insurance and superannuation to ensure the financial security of our family moving forward, so too should we be looking at Wills as an important part of modern adult life.

Our platform provides a user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance, making it easier for individuals to create legally valid Wills from the comfort of their homes. By simplifying the process, and making it affordable and accessible to everyone, we hope to empower more people to take control of their estates and ensure their wishes are fulfilled. 

Technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives, including how we plan for the future. Can you share how your business leverages tech to make estate planning more accessible?

The process of writing a Will has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years, with the majority of Wills traditionally being drafted by lawyers with hefty price tags. Safewill harnesses technology to revolutionise estate planning, making it more accessible to everyone.

Our online platform eliminates many of the barriers traditionally associated with estate planning, such as high costs and time-consuming meetings with lawyers. By leveraging technology, we can reach a wider audience and provide a convenient solution for individuals to safeguard their assets and protect their loved ones.

Considering the significant number of Australians without a will, especially young adults, what insights can you offer on the importance of early estate planning?

People often assume that Wills are only for the elderly or those with large asset holdings, but that’s not the case – anyone over the age of 18 should have a Will.  If you have a bank account, superannuation balance, a car, or any other assets that you want to pass on with certainty when you die, you should consider writing a Will.

Estate planning is not just about distributing assets; it’s also about ensuring peace of mind and protecting loved ones in unforeseen circumstances. By starting early, individuals can avoid unnecessary stress and uncertainty for themselves and their families.

Many parents delay appointing legal guardians for their children, often due to the overwhelming nature of the decision. How does Safewill help ease this process for families?

Wills are important for everyone, but especially important for parents with underage children. We know appointing legal guardians for children can be a daunting decision, that’s why our platform offers clear guidance and resources to help families navigate this important aspect of estate planning.

We provide information on factors to consider when choosing guardians and ensure that the process is straightforward and accessible. By offering support and simplifying the decision-making process, Safewill helps parents make informed choices that reflect their wishes and priorities for their children’s future.

Reflecting on the origins of the company, how has your personal journey influenced the mission and ethos of the company in making estate planning more approachable?

As someone who has witnessed the complexities and challenges of losing a loved one without a Will firsthand, I am passionate about making this essential process more approachable for everyone.

Safewill’s mission is rooted in the belief that estate planning should be accessible, affordable, and empowering for all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances. By combining technology with empathy and expertise, we strive to redefine the way people think about estate planning and ensure that everyone has the tools they need to protect their legacy and loved ones.

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