From Batteries to Community Bonds: Inside Battery World Warrnambool

Today, we’re chatting with Marcus and Kymberly McDiven, the team behind Battery World Warrnambool. They’ve been doing amazing things not just with their business, but also by building strong connections in the Warrnambool community.

We’ll talk about their recent project with Adzweld Fabrication, where they worked together on a custom Ute set-up. It’s a great example of how local businesses can come together to create something special. We’ll also hear about their ‘stronger together’ initiative, aimed at fostering more collaborations among local businesses.

Marcus, Kymberly, what inspired you both to collaborate with Adzweld Fabrication on the custom Ute set-up? It seems like such a creative and practical project – I’d love to hear more about how this idea came to life and what the collaboration process was like.

We have known the owner of Adzweld Fabrications Adam Wright for many years now, following his business success very closely. Adam approached us a few months ago with the idea of helping out with a custom Ute set-up as the customer wanted LED lighting, an Enerdrive Explorer system and deep cycle batteries fitted, a specialty of ours as Battery World Warrnambool. What started as a spur of the moment collaboration to help a friend out, soon became something bigger. We found the process of collaborating so enjoyable that we thought this should be something we do more often moving forward.

Can you share more about the ‘stronger together’ initiative you’ve started? It sounds like a wonderful way to foster a sense of community and support among local businesses. How do you envision this initiative growing and impacting the Warrnambool business community in the long run?

Warrnambool is such a tight-knit community who truly supports one another, so kickstarting an initiative to band together was a no brainer. We hope to collaborate with as many local businesses as we can, helping them achieve their client goals, promote their services to our own clients, learn more about other industries and the businesses that keep Warrnambool going, and so much more. Our recent partnership with Adzweld Fabrications was so successful that we can’t wait to reach more local businesses and keep the momentum going.

Running a small business is no small feat, especially over the past couple of years. What have been some of the most surprising and rewarding aspects of running Battery World Warrnambool? How have these experiences shaped your approach to business and community involvement?

Running a small business, especially in Warrnambool, is so much more than just selling products. Here at Battery World Warrnambool, we truly care about making a difference in the community and helping those in times of need. Whether it be assisting them with roadside assistance in a time of distress, providing free battery health checks to keep their cars running year-round, or preparing them for the ultimate camping getaway with our battery essentials, it’s all about using our platform to keep the community going. Since taking the store over two years ago, we have already noticed immense growth in the business and our ability to service the community – we hope to continue connecting with our loyal customers and local businesses to ensure they are always powered up. 

Your approach to collaborating with other local businesses is truly inspiring. How has this approach of working together changed your relationship with the Warrnambool community and other business owners? Can you share any specific examples of how these partnerships have benefited everyone involved?

Collaboration is all about fostering mutually beneficial relationships and outcomes. It’s about noticing those opportunities where another business’ services could be useful and providing a platform to showcase what they do and reach a wider customer base. Our recent collaboration with Adzweld Fabrications worked so well as both our businesses were passionate about providing the best quality service to the customer and creating something truly special for them. We are so proud of what we were able to achieve together, proving that positive partnerships can achieve great results!

For other small business owners looking to start similar collaborations, what advice would you give them based on your own experiences? Are there any particular strategies or mindsets that have been especially helpful for you both in fostering successful partnerships?

It’s important to collaborate with businesses that you trust and have relevant knowledge about – you must research the business you’ll be collaborating with ahead of time, understand who their client base is, what their services are, etc. You also must collaborate with businesses that align with your own and have the opportunity to provide mutually beneficial outcomes – your business must be able to offer relevant service in some way.

Looking ahead, what future collaborations or projects are you both most excited about? It must be thrilling to think about the new opportunities and creative endeavours that lie ahead. Can you share any upcoming plans that you’re particularly passionate about?

 It’s definitely exciting to think about what the future has in store for us. We’re hoping to reach more local businesses and embark on more collaborations in the future, sharing our philosophy that businesses that partner with one another are truly ‘stronger together’.

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