A Day in the Life of Jason du Preez, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific at SugarCRM

Jason du Preez is the Senior Vice President Asia Pacific for SugarCRM, an AI-driven CRM platform that does the work for marketing, sales and service teams. 

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My days have changed a lot since the onset of the pandemic. I used to travel extensively throughout the Asia-Pacific region to meet with customers, prospects, partners and also my team spread across different countries. 

My mornings now usually start at 6:30am with a freshly ground coffee in hand unless it’s the weekly global forecast call that starts earlier with my colleagues in EMEA and the USA.  On those calls with my colleagues across the world, we collaborate and share learnings on how to best assist our customers. 

My days are usually pre-planned with meetings with different people across the region. With the rest of the time I have, I use our very own tools to forecast the sales pipeline, looking at how we can close the loops across marketing, sales and services. It’s important because I don’t believe in promoting our solutions to customers, if I’m not leveraging them in my own role. 

I thoroughly enjoy my job leading the region, because SugarCRM is one of the market’s best kept secrets and I am passionate about introducing our platform to new customers and thrive on seeing the benefits and transformations it can bring to their businesses. Especially during the pandemic and lockdowns, when our customers have had to rely more than ever on digital tools to maintain and fuel their future growth. 

I usually eat a healthy lunch anywhere between 12:00pm to 1:00pm and working from home during the pandemic, I have been fortunate to fit in more time to enjoy the glorious Northern Beaches of Sydney, where I live with my wife. Working flexibly has enabled me to make sure I can get in a couple gym sessions a week and spend time mountain bike riding.

I am a big believer that maintaining a healthy work life balance, enables you to perform at peak capacity, think creatively and solve problems innovatively, benefitting both your business and your customers. After my work days finish up, I enjoy dinner with the family and spending time with my identical adult twin sons and our four adorable grandchildren.

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