Balancing the Grind with Jarad Hobbs, Founder of Joy In Movement (J.I.M)

In our conversation with Jarad Hobbs, the visionary behind Joy In Movement (J.I.M), he shares the spark behind his innovative fitness concept—beginning with the curiosity about leveraging infrared heat in workout spaces. 

Jarad’s approach to work-life balance and self-care is grounded in consistency with basics like sleep, family time, and knowing when to take a step back. He emphasises the importance of recognising the need for balance within his team as well, ensuring they share in the culture of wellness that J.I.M promotes.

Jarad, what sparked the innovative idea behind Joy In Movement (J.I.M), and how did you envision it transforming the traditional gym experience for Australians?

Initially it was the curiosity of using Infrared Heat as a smarter alternative for heating a room for stretch and recovery classes. 

After testing and experimenting with a few classes I discovered that the infrared heat didn’t increase the humidity and you could breathe comfortably whilst exercising which triggered the idea for Infrared workouts.

The next idea was more around could we use technology and AI as a way to deliver the workouts  (J.I.M) and create a fully automated, infrared fitness studio. 

The vision is to create a brand that inspires more people to move and redefines the gym experience around the world 

The integration of infrared technology with fitness is quite revolutionary. Could you explain how this combination enhances the workout experience and what benefits members can expect?

The infrared heat increases your blood circulation and ability to move better along with all the other benefits of infrared heat like detoxification, skin purification, weight loss, improved sleep and the list goes on. 

We have a saying, Twice the results. Half the time. 

That speaks to getting both the results of exercising and infrared heat in a 30 min workout which is typically half the time of a normal workout.

It’s hard to believe but you can do a stretch/yoga style class and still burn 500 calories 

J.I.M studios are uniquely designed without mirrors and in darkness to foster a judgement-free environment. How has this approach been received by your members, and why do you believe this setting is important for fitness?

If you go all the way back to the start of the fitness industry you’ll find it was created by bodybuilders who would have mirrors placed in the gym for posing. Fast forward to current times and you’ll still see gyms, yoga and Pilates studios with mirrors but they will say it’s for “checking technique”.

The reality is not everyone is in their best shape, maybe they can’t touch their toes or keep up with the class, so a bright, white and lofty studio with mirrors certainly isn’t helping to attract the people that need the gym the most.  

Our space is deliberately dark with no mirrors creating a judgement free environment along with no physical coach allowing the member to go at their own pace or skip exercises if needed.

With wellness and inclusivity at the forefront, how do you cater to diverse fitness levels and goals, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and supported in their fitness journey?

Whilst our studios are fully automated with no coach we still have a studio manager to welcome, connect, and support members along with building community within the club. 

Given the innovative and fast-paced nature of your work with J.I.M, how do you prioritise self-care and avoid burnout, especially when faced with the pressures of expanding a new fitness concept?

For me, it’s about being consistent with the basics like getting good sleep, walking, quality time with the family and knowing when to slow down on the caffeine.

Wellness is clearly a core value, not just for members but as part of your business model. How do you foster a culture of wellness and balance within your team, ensuring that they too can maintain a healthy work-life equilibrium?

We’ve been fortunate to attract people that value both fitness and wellness but I think it’s more of personal conviction as it relates to what is a healthy work life balance.

As someone at the forefront of a fitness revolution, how do you stay grounded and mindful amidst the excitement and challenges of growing such a unique brand?

There is a lot of excitement with the opportunity of growing J.I.M but it’s certainly a team effort and everyone’s role is critical in making it happen.     

Reflecting on your journey with J.I.M, how has your concept of work-life balance evolved, and what advice would you offer to entrepreneurs looking to maintain their health and happiness while pursuing their passions?

For me personally, I’ve learned that there are different seasons which require more “work” and less “life” and vice versa. So my advice would be to recognise the season you’re in, do your best to prioritise your health and make it fun 🙂  

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