Balancing the Grind with Talitha Cummins, Founder of The Cut Jewellery

In this Balance the Grind conversation, Talitha reflects on how her rich background in journalism, combined with her uncle’s encouragement and her passion for the industry, propelled her into the world of lab-grown diamonds.

She also opens up about how her personal journey towards sobriety has become her “super power” in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship, her commitment to promoting lab-grown diamonds for their ethical and sustainable advantages, and the joy of seeing her pieces sparkle on the red carpet.

Talitha, transitioning from a successful TV journalism career to launching The Cut Jewellery is quite a pivot. What inspired you to make this shift at 40, and how did your background in journalism influence your new venture?

It was quite the pivot!  I have always loved business and the mechanics of it and knew I would end up doing a product based business someday. My uncle, who has been in the industry for 50 years, convinced me it was a good idea and while studying diamonds at the GIA I really fell in love with the industry. 

I think my age is such an advantage. You have a bit more wisdom and worldliness about you at 40. There were many transferable skills from working in media too – as a journalist we had to work quickly so we have the speed and resourcefulness to achieve a lot in a short timeframe. Interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to talk on camera – which is very helpful now that I am doing a lot of social media education videos. 

Your journey towards sobriety has been both inspiring and public. How has this personal transformation impacted your approach to entrepreneurship and your work?

Sobriety is my super power! I learnt to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and that’s what business is all about – it’s how much you can endure. It’s a test of will. There will always be problems and issues to face and how you respond is directly related to how successful you will be. 

The ethical considerations around lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly important to consumers. Can you share why you’re passionate about lab-grown diamonds and how The Cut Jewellery is contributing to a more sustainable future?

A young client said to me last week, “Digging large holes in the ground for vanity, for aesthetic reasons, isn’t cool anymore.” And I really liked the way she put that. 

I’m so passionate about Lab diamonds because I truly believe they’re an incredible value proposition – chemically, physically and visually the same as a diamond that comes from the earth and it sparkles in the same way because it’s made of the same substance: which is pure carbon. Exactly the same product at a much lower price point, without the human and environmental toll of mining. 

You’ve already seen some of your pieces make it to the red carpet. What does this recognition mean to you, and how do you think it reflects the changing perceptions of lab-grown diamonds in the fashion and jewellery industry?

I think consumers have spoken. Lab diamonds have been widely accepted across the world and their popularity is only growing. There’s still a lot of educating we need to do but there’s definitely a trend towards people choosing Lab diamonds. 

As a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, juggling multiple roles can be challenging. Can you share how you manage your time and energy across your family, business, and personal wellbeing?

It’s a juggle and I’m constantly trying to reassess how I’m doing things so they can improve! Some days I’m completely organised and things go well and other days I’m sitting at my computer at 6.30pm and my kids remind me they need to be fed!

What I really try to focus on is compartmentalising. So when I’m at work, I’m focused on work, when I come home I try to put my phone away and focus on the kids. 

Could you share a personal habit or ritual that has been particularly beneficial for your well-being as you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and motherhood?

I must exercise everyday in some capacity because a strong body is a strong mind! You never regret a training session. 

Also, I try to keep my nutrition clean and healthy becuase I feel so much better. I have a terrible sugar addiction so I just had to cut it out altogether recently and I feel so much better for it!

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