Workflow with Lee Edgerton, Partner Sales Executive at Microsoft

In this edition of Workflow, we have Lee Edgerton, a Partner Sales Executive at Microsoft, where he looks after a wide range of Microsoft partners for OEM devices and software.

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Describe what you do: I’m a Partner Sales Executive at Microsoft. I work in the Device Partner Solution Sales team and manage Microsoft’s relationship with a range of key device partners across Australia and New Zealand.

How do you like your coffee: That’s a complicated question. My coffee tastes have been evolving of late. I’ll typically start the day with a latte in the morning, then brew a pot of black coffee to drink during the day. If I’m out and it’s available, in winter I’ll choose a batch brew, in summer it’s cold brew.

Device(s) you use: My daily work PC is an Acer Travelmate X5 but it’s living full time hooked up as a desktop. Under the desk is my gaming rig and both PC’s use the same mouse and keyboard via a KVM.

I’m trying out a new PC design with LTE from one of my partners for when I need to work out of the office. Given how many hours I spend on Microsoft Teams calls, I’m also testing out a Lenovo ThinkSmart View.

My phone is an iPhone Xs. My headphones are Bose QC35. Finally, a brand new addition to the desk is the Audio Technica LPW40WN so I can enjoy my vinyls while working.

Describe your working style in one sentence: I’m concerned more about what I achieve vs how much time I spend “working”, this is more critical than ever having worked from home full time since March and means I can balance productivity with family time.

What does your workspace look like: My workspace is always evolving as I try new devices, new layouts, new ways of working. This latest layout has introduced a couple of new devices, the record player fuels creativity and brings me joy, the Microsoft Teams display further streamlines my workflow and frees up screen real estate. Ideally I would separate my workspace and my gaming space, however it’s difficult in an apartment.

How does your workspace affect your creative process: I find music an important part of the creative process, so lately my focus has been on improving that part of my workspace (record player, repurposed amplifier, better speakers etc). Additionally I try to make my workspace pleasant to be in and frictionless, with a view outside.

Do you have a favourite playlist for work: It depends on what I’m doing, my mood, workload etc. I’ve got some great background music playlists – look up the album 1Am. Study Session on Spotify or for Chilled Cow on YouTube.

If I need to pump through some focus intensive tasks I’ll go for music I can sing along to, I don’t know why that helps but it does. Otherwise I might just pick a vinyl and listen to that.

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