5 Tips to Waking Up Early in the Morning

To attack the day, you need to be up in the morning. While lifestyle tends to dictate what time we wake up in the mornings, the general rule is that the earlier, the better. Our bodies get a much better kick out of being up nice and early, allowing us to be more productive and to see more of the day in general.

To help you get to a stage where you can wake up early in the morning, though, you can try this list of tips to see if they help you get up a little earlier in the mornings.

Remove distractions

When going to bed at night, make sure you cover up all potential distractions. From turning off your phone to remove notifications to covering up TV box lights, you can remove little distractions and irritants that might otherwise have slowed down your chances of a productive sleep.

Improve sleep quality

Ah, that question again right? How much sleep should you be getting?

Make sure you go to your bed at as reasonable a time as you possibly can. Start knocking an hour off of your typical staying up time until you reach a threshold that is seeing you get up in the mornings at the time you feel comfortable with.

No snoozing

One of the most effective ways to make sure you get up nice and bright, though, is to turn off the snooze option. This means that when your alarm goes off, you know you have to get up or you risk sleeping in and making your day a whole lot harder than it has to be!

Plan your morning

Make your life a whole lot more organised by planning early events in the morning. From going to the gym or swimming to a simple run right through to boxercise classes, you can find a whole litany of ways to make your mornings more productive if you just schedule events for then.

Prepare the night before

So, make life easier. instead of an hour of late night TV, get some of that prep done the night before. Prepare lunch, have all of your morning ingredients prepared and ready to go for breakfast, and set out all of your clothing for an early morning workout and everything you need for work.

Get up, start moving and stay active – it’s the easiest way to make that preparation both a benefit and a reason to get up.

Using the above, you should have no problems at all in making a big change to the way that you think and feel in the mornings. Remove that drowsiness today and you can start benefitting immediately in everything from work to recreation.

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