Good Food Sources for Post-Workout Meals

After a workout, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling pretty famished. After all, all of that energy expulsion will likely have taken it out of you. Rather than feeling shattered, though, you can recover important energy – and body recovery – by using a post-workout meal.

These meals are powerful solutions for making sure you are seeing a committed improvement to how you work and will make a significant contribution to your recovery in the coming days.

But, finding the right protein sources to eat and use can be challenging post-workout. To help, here are some easy suggestions.

Greek yogurt – By far and away the most popular of our list, Greek Yogurt is the master of post-workout recovery. It’s got double the amount of protein vs a normal yogurt, and is loaded with carbohydrates.

Add in some fruit like a blueberry or general fresh berries to add in some more nutrition to the meal. It will also help to aid with muscle recovery the next day, stopping that creaking feeling returning – at least as much, anyway!

Fruit – As mentioned above, fruits make a good source of vitality and protein for a good post-workout meal. Go for a good fruit that has good anti-inflammatory ingredients in it such as pineapple.

This helps with muscle recovery and, along with that extra protein, can be a fine source of post-workout prosperity.

Protein shakes – The old classic, a protein shake is the best one to go for if you feel like you cannot eat anything. Whatever you use in terms of why protein powder is up to you, and you can usually find that it gives your body the help it needs to take that next step.

Throw in some fruits, nuts and other add-ons like peanut button or milk and you can find that you get a nice, healthy and fun blend of food to enjoy.

Protein bars – Protein bars are a common option although not for everyone. Somewhat expensive to go with on a daily basis, they make a good option to have in the house if you need one. Many flavors and styles exist so this can be your fill-in for a semi-healthy chocolate bar, instead.

Eggs – Fancy a real meal afterward? Then get an egg on the go. Scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, whatever – it does not matter. What you want is from the egg – egg is a fantastic and wonderfully diverse source of protein.

If you want to have a good munch after you have worked your body to the max, then rewarding yourself with an egg is a nice touch. Throw in some lean turkey and you can get a lovely little bit of added protein for good measure.

Using the above options, you can soon make it far, far easier for you to make a considered and intelligent approach to your fitness.

Post-workout is a very important part of getting fit and you have to take the time to deal with that, so use the above to give yourself a comfortable, reliable and affordable way to get some post-workout protein that you lack.

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