Good Food Sources for Pre-Workout Meals

Before you start working out, you need energy – and protein – to be capable of fulfilling your duties. Trying to start a workout on a bar of chocolate or nothing at all will not do you much favors in terms of staying power, or performance.

Our bodies need that extra energy to keep them going throughout the day, and it’s important that we take this into account when it comes to a workout session.

To do so, you have to eat a good source of protein pre-workout. Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions you might like.

Greek yogurt – One of the best selections out there that you can pick from if you want a stable and solid pre-workout protein boost. It’s also best enjoyed with dried fruit as it adds a source of good, easy to use sugars that you can put to work in your workout. Go for this around 1 hour before you work out for best results.

Chicken & vegetables – A good choice pre-workout is a plate of chicken, rice and vegetables. It’s a good pre-workout choice as it offers you complex carbs lean protein and amino acids to give your body the help that it needs.

This will improve your body using muscle anabolism, which is a slow-releasing source of energy. Make a start on this around 2-3 hours before working out for the best results.

Porridge – Good old porridge should be the stable of any pre-workout plan. It’s a wonderfully enjoyable way to start your day and gives your body complex carbs, Beta glucan and also lots of protein if you throw in a little scoop of protein powder.

This makes it a wonderful combination, adding both amino acids and extras like that to ensure you can see rapid and continued improvement in your body. It’s a great meal to eat a bit before you work, around two hours, offering a fine balance of the extras needed.

Fruit smoothies – A good source of balance in your pre-workout plan, though, is a fruit smoothie. A fruit smoothie isn’t something you should every day due to their bloated sugar content but they do offer a wonderful level of balance for protein depending on what fruits you use.

As such, you should find it much easier to look after yourself pre-workout with a fruit smoothie or two. Easy and fast to make, these are good options when none of the above is available or you lack the time needed to make the preparations for any of the above before workout.

Using the above, then, you can easily get access to simple and effective pre-workout meals. Combine this with our post-workout planning session and you can soon it find it much easier to give your body the help that it needs to ensure your workout can be as productive and positive for your body as it possibly can be!

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