Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

It’s hard to argue against drinking coconut water. Not only is it refreshingly delicious and an amazing thirst quencher, coconut water is one of the best natural ways to hydrate yourself with countless benefits.

Here are just a few amazing benefits of coconut water:

Nutrient rich

Coconut water is loved for its excellent nutrition count, and this is noted in the way it gives our bodies major electrolytes that we lose as we get busy. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium all stream into the body from using this wonderful and nutrient rich drink.

If you want to help your body replace those key nutrients lost when working out, then turn to coconut for a definitive and helpful solution. Not to mention coconut water also contains amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Reduces blood pressure

Studies have shown coconut water to be a great natural solution to high blood pressure.This is important if you are beginning working out after years of unhealthy eating and poor living.

Coconut water on a regimented level will help to reduce blood pressure since it’s a good natural balance between electrolytes and blood pressure. This challenging balance can be met by using coconut water, helping to resolve any excesses or imbalances.

Good for weight loss

One of the major reasons to use coconut water is that it helps to promote positive, healthy weight loss. It’s got minimal fat content, so you can drink lots of it without adding on the pounds like you would with, say, fruit juice or soda.

With no cholestoeral and extremely low fat content, coconut water is a great option for when you’re sick of water but don’t want to drink anything with too much sugar like orange juice.

Digestive aid

Struggling to digest food and get the most out of every bite? Then coconut water can help there, too. If you have digestive issues at all then the high fiber content of coconut water makes it easy to handle indigestion and combat the problem.

Also reduces acid reflux which can be very off-putting. If you suffer from acid reflux, then a glass of coconut water might just win the day.

Natural hydration

This works by giving our bodies much more hydration than before, far more effective at doing so than any kind of sports drink or energy drink. It’s loaded with potassium and healthy, natural sugars that make it a good way to replace that lost potassium as we are busy during the day.

With double the potassium intake and a fifth of the sugar quantity of a normal energy drink, it’s a no-brainer to use coconut water over a Gatorade.

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